Hellblade’s Unorthodox Permadeath Feature Deletes Save Files

Ninja Theory’s newest action-adventure, Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, is well-received by critics – currently scoring around an average of 82 on OpenCritic. Aside from this success, Hellblade does feature something unusual. Save files are deleted when players are frequently dying which forces them to play the game from the beginning.

As reported by Eurogamer, every time when Senua dies she gets slowly covered by black tendrils from her arms. When the black tendrils reaches Senua’s head then you’re out of luck and will have to play from the beginning. However, it may be inconvenient to get pushed back in the beginning, but the game warns the players about the “permadeath” whenever they fail.

It’s also stated according to Eurogamer that it’s part of the game’s mechanic and that it’s tied to Senua mentally.

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Source: Eurogamer