Helldivers 2 Anti Material Rifle Guide

The Anti-Material Rifle is a weapon stratagem that works well for long-range enemy kills. Here's how players can get and use it in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 Anti Material Rifle Guide

In Helldivers 2, you get to pick the weapons you use to survive the dangerous terrain and the many kinds of enemies you’ll fight throughout your missions. One such weapon, the Anti-Materiel Rifle (AMR), stands out for its high-caliber, long-range capabilities, but how effective can this be on varying difficulties? This guide covers everything you need to know about unlocking and effectively using the Anti-Material Rifle, as well as its viability across varying difficulty levels.

How to unlock the Anti-Materiel Rifle in Helldivers 2

The AMR becomes available early in the game, requiring players to reach level 2. At this point, you can purchase the rifle for 5,000 Requisition Slips—a currency earned by completing missions and exploring planets.

How to use the Anti-Materiel Rifle in Helldivers 2

How to use the Anti-Materiel Rifle in Helldivers 2

To deploy the AMR during missions, you’ll need to equip it to your loadout and use the specific Stratagem Support Weapon input: (Down, Left, Right, Up, Down). This allows you to call in the rifle as a support drop, allowing you to have long-range firepower from the get-go.

Tips for Using the Anti-Materiel Rifle Effectively

The AMR shines in long-range engagements, capable of piercing through the armor of Automatons and Terminids. Its high-caliber rounds make it particularly effective against slower, armored targets like Berserkers, Scout Striders, and Commissar Automatons. However, its slower rate of fire and reload time mean it’s less effective against fast-moving swarms. For these scenarios, pairing the AMR with a faster-firing secondary weapon is recommended.

Adjusting the scope distance (by holding R) and positioning yourself at vantage points can enhance your accuracy and effectiveness, especially against distant targets. While the AMR demands a high level of skill due to its precision requirement, mastering its use can allow you to eliminate key threats before they reach your lines.

Viability Across Difficulties

The AMR maintains its effectiveness up to medium difficulty levels, where its ability to one-shot kill smaller enemies and break through heavy armor is extremely helpful. However, as you progress into higher difficulty settings (4+), the landscape changes. The saturation of enemies and the need for rapid, crowd-controlling firepower can diminish the AMR’s utility.

In these challenging environments, weapons with area-of-effect (AOE) capabilities or faster firing rates, like the SPEAR or Railgun, might offer more versatility. That said, skilled players who can consistently land headshots on armored targets can still find the AMR a valuable asset, particularly for taking out high-value targets from a distance.