Helldivers 2 Fuel Reserves: How to destroy fuel silos

This guide will teach you how to destroy Fuel Silos, in case you've ever felt like wasting your time attempting to do it on your own.

Helldivers 2 Fuel Reserves - How to destroy fuel silos

Fuel silos in Helldivers 2 are significant structures found within enemy bases, heavily guarded by a variety of Automaton defenses. These silos are not only large but also reinforced, making them immune to standard weapons and stratagems.

Destroying silos is the key objective for completing Sabotage Supply Base missions and requires a specific approach to tackle. As such, this guide will provide you with a detailed walkthrough on how to effectively destroy fuel silos in Helldivers 2, ensuring victory for Super Earth.

How to destroy fuel silos & fuel reserves in Helldivers 2

The primary method for destroying Fuel Silos is the Hellbomb Stratagem. This powerful explosive device is specifically provided for missions that involve destroying fuel reserves and stockpiled ammunition.

How to Use the Hellbomb Stratagem

  1. Locate the Silo: Identify the Fuel Silo’s location within the enemy base. These are large cylindrical structures with red glow, and marked for identification.
  2. Call in the Hellbomb: Use the D-pad input code to summon the Hellbomb near the Silo. Placement is important, as it needs to be close enough to make sure the silo will be destroyed in one go.
  3. Activate the Hellbomb: Approach the deployed Hellbomb and interact with it to enter the activation code. This step initiates the detonation timer.
  4. Evacuate: Once activated, retreat to a safe distance to avoid being caught in the blast radius. The Hellbomb’s explosion is massive and can cause heavy damage.

Before deploying the Hellbomb, clear the area of enemy forces. This reduces the risk of the Hellbomb being disarmed or players being attacked during the activation process. the first attempt fails, you can call in additional Hellbombs. There’s no limitation on the number of times this stratagem can be used within a mission. Lastly, work closely with your team in multiplayer scenarios to secure the area and protect the player activating the Hellbomb.

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