Helldivers 2 Major Order: How to Win Defend Campaigns

Here's how Major Order Defend Campaigns work in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Major Order - How to Win Defend Campaigns

Helldivers 2 players are called upon once again to protect Super Earth and its colonies from various threats. A significant challenge has emerged with the “win at least 8 Defend Campaigns against the Automatons” Major Order, a two-week event that requires players to band together to fend off the Automaton faction. Read ahead as we explain the details on how to complete the Major Order and win Defend Campaigns in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 Major Order explained

Major Order represents a significant, overarching objective within the game’s Liberation Campaign, aimed at advancing the collective progress of players in the ongoing Galactic War. It’s a community-wide goal that reflects the narrative progression of the Helldivers’ efforts to liberate sectors, planets, and fight against various enemy factions threatening Super Earth and its colonies.

Unlike personal orders, which are individual tasks refreshed daily and cater to personal achievements and rewards, Major Orders require the concerted effort of the entire Helldivers player community. These orders are issued after achieving certain milestones in the game and often involve completing specific, challenging tasks such as defending planets from invasions, liberating key sectors, or defeating specific enemies.

Note: There are several reports regarding Major Orders not progressing in Helldivers 2. As such, we’ve listed several fixes pertaining this issue in this separate article.

How to Win Defend Campaigns in Helldivers 2

How to Win Defend Campaigns in Helldivers 2

Defend Campaigns are large-scale operations aimed at reclaiming or protecting planets under attack by enemy forces, in this case, the Automatons. Each campaign features a battle for control, represented by a tug-of-war between two bars: one blue (Helldivers) and one red (Automatons). Your objective is to ensure the blue bar exceeds the red before the campaign’s timer runs out.

Engage in operations on the planets marked for defense. Completing missions contributes to the blue bar’s growth, inching the Helldivers closer to victory. Remember, every mission counts, from escort missions to direct combat against Automaton forces.

You can collaborate with fellow players. Defend Campaigns are designed for the community, meaning individual efforts, while important, are part of a bigger picture. Join forces with other Helldivers to increase your chances of completing missions successfully. Also keep an eye on the campaign’s progress by checking the Galactic War map. It provides real-time updates on the defend timer and the status of the blue and red bars. This information can help you prioritize your efforts and decide where your participation is needed most.

Completing a Major Order not only advances the storyline but also rewards players with substantial in-game benefits, such as Requisition Points which can be used to unlock or upgrade powerful stratagems, essential for tackling more difficult missions and ensuring the success of the Helldivers’ galactic campaign.

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