Are The Illuminates in Helldivers 2? Explained

Are The Illuminates in Helldivers 2 Explained

Are The Illuminates in Helldivers 2? The infamous enemy faction in the previous title gave players real pain in the head due to its stealthy mechanisms and the fact that it was the last line of enemies to kill. However, all we’ve seen thus far are Terminids and Automatons, and fans have been wondering about what happened to Illuminates nonetheless. As such, let’s talk about whether or not The Illuminate is in Helldivers 2.

Is The Illuminate faction in Helldivers 2?

No, The Illuminates are not in Helldivers 2. Despite having three factions in the previous title—including the Illuminates—the current game doesn’t appear to have them in its enemy list or missions.

There is not much backstory or explanation for why the Illuminates are absent from this Super Earth. But considering the gameplay mechanics for The Illuminate in the previous title, it’s very well-suited to the genre and would have been extremely difficult to adapt for a third-person shooter game, so it should come as no surprise that Helldivers 2 is currently short on one faction.

With that said, you can face off against either of the Helldivers 2 factions: Automatons or Terminids. Even though it’s a different kind of experience fighting huge insectoids and lethal war robots, the familiar humor, challenge, and lore that fans of the series usually enjoy are still there.

Will The Illuminates return in Helldivers 2

Will The Illuminates return in Helldivers 2?

As of this writing, there’s no way to tell when exactly The Illuminates return in Helldivers 2. However, the idea of this faction reappearing in Super Earth is not entirely impossible, and we may see them come back via an update or a future DLC with an awesome backstory.

We’ll make sure to update this page as soon as more information becomes available. For now, satisfy your curiosity as we’ve got answers regarding Helldivers 2’s availability on Xbox Game Pass.