Which guard dog is better in Helldivers 2? (Rover vs. Guard Dog)

Helldivers 2 has both Guard Dog and Guard Dog Rover as companion drones. But which of the two is a better support? Here's what you need to know.

Which Guard Dog is Better in Helldivers 2 (Rover vs Guard Dog)

Your success or failure on each mission is largely dependent on your tactical choices in Helldivers 2. Among these choices, selecting the right Stratagem, specifically between the Guard Dog and Rover, can be crucial when you hit level 10. Both serve as battle companions with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. As such, after several hours of bug and robot extermination, we’ve come to a conclusion and made this guide to help you decide which guard dog is better in Helldivers 2.

“Guard Dog Rover” is better than “Guard Dog” in Helldivers 2

The Rover (laser), equipped with a laser rifle, is generally considered better than Guard Dog (Gun) in Helldivers 2 for several reasons:

  1. Ammo Efficiency: The Rover’s laser does not require frequent resupplies like the Guard Dog’s Liberator rifle. This makes the Rover more sustainable in prolonged engagements, as it effectively has unlimited ammo with only cooldown periods to manage.
  2. Combat Effectiveness: The Rover’s constant laser fire is praised for its ability to keep lesser threats at bay, allowing players to focus on more significant enemies. This continuous engagement capability is contrasted with the Guard Dog’s intermittent fire due to ammo constraints.
  3. Utility and Versatility: The Rover is useful in a variety of combat situations due to its adaptability, its tendency to maneuver in cramped locations, and its ability to maintain pressure on the enemy without resupply.
  4. Friendly Fire Management: While both units pose a risk of friendly fire, the Rover’s laser is described as easier to manage with proper team coordination crouch method. This contrasts with the Guard Dog’s potential to cause significant accidental damage to teammates due to its powerful gunfire.
Guard Dog Rover is better than Guard Dog in Helldivers 2

The Guard Dog’s powerful Liberator rifle also has its merits, especially in scenarios that require heavy firepower against larger enemies. There’s a mix of powerful offensive capabilities and protective features, balanced by considerations around ammo consumption, friendly fire risk, and operational downtime. Players must weigh these factors carefully to maximize the Guard Dog’s effectiveness in their combat strategy.

In summary, the “Guard Dog Rover” stands out as the better option in Helldivers 2 for players looking for a companion that offers reliable support with minimal drawbacks. Its design focuses on continuous combat engagement, safer operation among teammates, and ease of use across various combat scenarios, making it a versatile and valuable asset in the fight for Super Earth.