High on Life Trailer Finally Reveals Upcoming New DLC

Go crazy with Knifey!

Squanch Games recently revealed the new High on Life trailer that unveils the upcoming new DLC called High on Knife.

High on Life Presents High on Knife DLC

The latest teaser trailer of High on Life finally confirms the upcoming new DLC called High on Knife. This is a new DLC expansion for the acclaimed video game High on Life. This will take the game in a horror-comedy direction this time around compared to the base game.

Knifey is the Main Character

High on Knife DLC expansion will feature the crazy melee weapon called Knifey. He is a bloodthirsty blade that is voiced by Michael Cusack. The trailer reveals some of the new characters, enemies, and biomes that the protagonist will encounter during their adventures. There is also a brand new character/gun to equip during this crazy adventure. It is called Harper, the newest gun on the High on Life universe, and Sarah Sherman will voice it.

Narrative Director Shares Details on DLC

Alec Robbins, the game’s narrative director, shared the details here. “You can see little peeks at two of our new guns here: one of them is Harper, voiced by the incredibly funny Sarah Sherman (SNL, Sarah Squirm), and the other is B.A.L.L., a weird little pinball gun operated by a gaggle of tiny gibberish-speaking freaks. I actually voice those guys because I won a rigged fan contest. 

“This teaser shows off the “scary” part of our comedy game. It’s important that every comedy game has a scary part to offset all the comedy. Ideally, we’d get one scream for every 3 laughs just to even out the overall emotional experience but we’re still fine-tuning things to see if we can hit that mark.” 

High on Knife will be released sometime in Fall 2023 for PC and Xbox consoles. High on Life is already out.