Hitman III on PlayStation 5 Opens New Doors for IO Interactive

Hitman III

The PlayStation 5 is thought to be a revolutionary piece of hardware that will change the game industry forever. Its custom SSD promises fast, if not, non-existent loading times and quicker loading of resources in-game. Upcoming Hitman III does just that and more.

IO Interactive Creative Director Mattias Engstrom recently shared on the Official PlayStation Magazine (September 2020 issue) about the revolutionary features of the PlayStation 5 and how it helps the third title of the Hitman series.

Engstrom revealed that the custom SSD of the PS5 allows players to make tons of quicksaves for one mission. It enables them to experiment the way they would enter the mission and get out from it. In order to find those different approaches, multiple saves are needed which is why the power of the custom SSD really helped.

Engstrom said:

Hitman is a game about experimentation. We invite players into a sandbox and we let them experiment the way they want. Therefore we see the save/load as an important feature to encourage just that. The blitz-fast load times we are seeing on the PS5 makes it the perfect home for the HItman trilogy, encouraging experimentation more than ever.

The third title is going to mark yet another big leap forward for their technology and it will be driven and inspired by the awesome abilities of the PS5. Aside from the custom SSD, it also takes advantage of the PS5’s power that allows better resolution and framerate.

Hitman III is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in January 2021.

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