Hitman Server Issues?

With Square Enix’s release of the highly-anticipated HITMAN reboot, it seems that Agent 47’s network is having some serious issues. There are times that we get booted from the mission to the main menu after getting disconnected from the Hitman servers. Players didn’t expect that after downloading the game and episode, it seems that the game still downloads the missions while in-game; which makes it harder for everyone to complete the download because of the server issues. It’s not a surprise that Hitman would also have these issues at first launch since this has been like a tradition wherein a new game that requires online feature will have issues on Day One of its release. Similar to what’s happening in Ubisoft’s The Division.

I checked Io Interactive and Square’s Twitter but it seems they don’t have any issues with their servers. But there’s one user on Twitter tweeted 5 hours ago that he has issues with connecting to the server:

We encountered that error earlier. But we’re getting this specific one now:

server error

We have checked our internet connectivity but there’s no intermittent connection or whatsoever. We will try to access the game later today and hopefully this gets fixed. Are you getting errors while trying to play the game? Let us now!

HITMAN is now officially released and make sure to buy the game on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, or on Steam for PC. A physical copy of the game is set to be released on January 2017.

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