Hogwarts Legacy DualSense Wireless Controller Revealed

The second limited edition controllers for the PS5!

Avalanche Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment have revealed the Hogwarts Legacy DualSense Wireless Controller.

Hogwarts Legacy DualSense Wireless Controller is Second Limited Edition

The Hogwarts Legacy DualSense Wireless Controller is now the second limited edition DualSense controller released so far. The first was the God of War Ragnarok DualSense Wireless controller which was revealed when the game was nearing its launch date. This new limited edition will be sold exclusively in the US and UK and in limited quantities via PlayStation Direct. There has been no mention of it getting sold in other regions or retail shops.

Design Makes One Feel Hogwarts’ Magic

The DualSense is in black with Hogwarts Castle on the touchpad while “sweeping magic and stars” are drawn on the controller’s handles. These are all in gold color too.

Here is a long explanation by Avalanche Software Art Director Jeff Bunker discussing the limited DualSense’s design:

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the PlayStation team on the creation of this new DualSense controller for the upcoming game, Hogwarts Legacy. Our goal was to bring a hint of the in-game experience into the player’s hands…literally. Many themes were considered, from the representation of the different houses, magic wands, beasts or even the sorting hat. But it was clear very early that we should focus on the star of the game, Hogwarts itself. So we centered the iconic castle and incorporated swirling motifs of Ancient Magic into the design, highlighting the player’s special role within the story.

“From the beginning, we had a vision of a simple, clean and sophisticated aesthetic. White, blue, and aqua, amongst a number of other colors, were tried but in the end, we chose matte black as the primary color for the controller, not only because it contributed to our desired aesthetic, but also because it hints at the darker themes that players can expect in the game. To add a touch of authenticity, we incorporated old-gold Victorian intaglio etching into the designs of the castle and Ancient Magic swirls, highlighting the era in which the game takes place.

“It was an exciting and fun process to bring a piece of the virtual world of Hogwarts Legacy into the real and interactive physical world of the controller. We can’t wait for players to get their hands on it and fully immerse themselves in the game.”

Preorders for US and UK

Fans can preorder the Hogwarts Legacy DualSense Wireless Controller in the US starting at 10 AM PT on Friday, February 10, 2023 on direct.playstation.com. It will launch on February 28, 2023. In the UK, preorders start at 10 AM GMT on Friday, February 10, 2023 on the same website with a UK launch date of February 10, 2023 (this might be an error, will update this once the blog post gets corrected).