Honkai: Star Rail Gets More Improvements in Next Major Update

New changes to the Camera Mode, a story change, and more are coming.

HoYoVerse has recently shared new details about what to expect in the next update for Honkai: Star Rail.

According to a recent developer blog called “Voice of the Galaxy”, HoYoVerse shared details of the things that will be coming with update 1.1 for Honkai: Star Rail. It was revealed that it would include a story change, Camera Mode character expression adjustments, and a better method to find enemies for materials that can be used for leveling up and more. It will also include a big adjustment for a specific character: Seele.

Two major additions were confirmed for update 1.1. The first change is the Chat System which will allow someone to chat with other players on their Friend List. There is no multiplayer mode so this could only work just while someone is online at the same time.

The second major addition is the improvement to enemy drop material details. It will now be more detailed than the original version. Players who wanted to look for a specific item and select it on the sources page can now see exactly which enemies would drop, and the location of these enemies.

There will be a change to the Camera Mode which will offer more character expressions. The original set of expressions was a bit bland, but further updates could add more.

Update 1.1 will introduce new changes to the story like the Xianzhou Loufu Trailblaze Missions will no longer include the Sanctus Medicus Missions unlike in version 1.0. After the update, these missions will become Adventure Missions now, which is reassuring as they really annoyed some players when following the main campaign. Seele’s Ultimate Attack will now have its flashing lights nerfed because many players complained of the bright lights when using the special attack.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available on PC and mobile devices. PS4 and PS5 versions are still in development.