Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen Character Revealed

Recently on the social media pages of Honkai: Star Rail, it was revealed that a new character will appear soon in the future updates of the game. This new character is none other than Guinaifen and in this news article, players will learn more about her bio and what players will expect from her.

Who is Guinaifen in Hokai Star Rail?

She is an outworlder who ended up in Xianzhou Loufu by accident. Eventually, she fell in love with what culture Xianzhou has presented to her and decided to make it her home. She is a street performer and very charming and energetic. Her name was given to her by her good friend Sushang as it was derived from her original name, Guinevere.

Guinaifen Skills

According to recent sources, Guinaifen possesses the following skills and attributes:

  • Rarity: 4-Stars
  • Element: Fire
  • Path: Nihility
  • Type of Character: Fire DPS that deals AoE damage and can provide shields to her allies in battle due to her skills
  • Voice Actors:
    • EN: Morgan Laure
    • JP: Sugata Hina
    • CH: Xiao Gan
    • KR: Kim Su-yeong

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