Horizon Forbidden West DLC Rumored in Development

No details yet on its contents though.

A new rumor might have just revealed the possible Horizon Forbidden West DLC which could be in development.

Horizon Forbidden West was launched earlier this year and many have praised it as a great sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Almost have a year, a lot of updates have already been introduced bringing tons of new features and some content. Unfortunately, there has been no indication of development of a major DLC. Well, until now.

Media outlet GamesRadar has recently spotted a new post online by Peggy Vrijens who has some history with motion capture work with Horizon heroine Aloy. She has recently posted a video reel on Instagram of her in a mocap suit. She then shared another post that showed her with Louis Van Beek, who previously have worked with her on the game.

Fans are now speculating that the motion capture work is for the possible Horizon Forbidden West DLC. The post on Instagram does not give any clear hints that it is, but the mocap work has made the fans really convinced it is related to the game. They could be working on other projects too, so there is that.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and PS5.