Horizon Forbidden West Pre-Load Now Available on Both PS Consoles

Free up some space now!

Upcoming and most anticipated sequel Horizon Forbidden West pre-load starts today, which is just ahead of next week’s release.

Ahead of February 18, 2022, the official release date of Horizon Forbidden West, the pre-load has now started on both PS4 and PS5 consoles. Players who have purchased the game digitally can now start downloading the game via the PlayStation Store or their game library if they have already bought it ahead of the release date.

The pre-load size for the game for the Japanese version is somewhat smaller than the rest of the other versions, but still quite large. The Japanese version clocks in 84 GB while the North American version is 88 GB. The European version is quite large though, around 97 GB. Guerilla Games has not explained the reason of the varying sizes, but it could be due to the languages, which can be large in file size.

For the PS4 versions though, it will be a bit lesser than the PS5 version, around 8 GB lesser. It is still quite a large game, so prepare to delete some games that are not being played recently.

A bit of an advice though: purchase the cheaper version of the game, $10 lesser than the other one that offers both PS4 and PS5 games. Just get the PS4 version which can be upgraded later to the PS5 version for free. No need to buy both when you can just upgrade it to the PS5 version without cost.

Horizon Forbidden West will launch on February 18, 2022. It will be released on PS4 and PS5 both physically and digitally.