Horizon Zero Dawn for Netflix Announced

Two other video game adaptations got revealed as well.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Sony has announced a Horizon Zero Dawn TV project for Netflix.

Sony has recently made a new presentation to the investors and one of the upcoming projects that they revealed was the Horizon Zero Dawn TV project and it was going to be on Netflix. They also revealed other shows that are in the works like God of War TV show for Amazon, and possibly a Gran Turismo TV show, but it was still a pitch rather than being worked on.

horizon zero dawn

The presentation did not reveal any details about the upcoming TV show for Horizon Zero Dawn, or any of the other TV show projects. They did not share when it will be shown on its respective streaming sites, let alone a year. They did not even give a hint on who might be the actress that will take on the role of Aloy, but there are already actresses that have similar looks.

These three new TV projects add to the already announced three game adaptations. Sony also listed these as part of the presentation documentation like HBO’s upcoming TV series The Last of Us, Twisted Metal series for NBC’s Peacock, and a Ghost of Tsushima movie.

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