Hot Wheels Unleashed Game of the Year Edition Not Launching on Xbox Game Pass Soon

It was confirmed that Hot Wheels Unleashed Game of the Year Edition is not launching on the indicated date for Xbox Game Pass.

Yesterday, the official Xbox Game Pass December 2022 lineup was revealed and it included Hot Wheels Unleashed Game of the Year Edition. This was a title that involved Hot Wheel cars and race tracks playable on a video game. It is a great game for players who are fans of Hot Wheels and want to see their favorite cars racing on a track.

The game was supposed to launch on December 15, 2022 on PC, consoles and Cloud, but it seems Microsoft has changed its mind just recently.

The official Xbox Game Pass article that revealed the free games lineup has now been updated and the featured image does not include Hot Wheels anymore. There is also an Editor’s Note below the article.

The note revealed that the game is no longer coming on December 15, 2022 as previously announced, hence the removal of the game from the featured image. Unfortunately, it has not revealed any new date yet and will be revealed at a later time.

Some players speculate that the game has some licensing issues so Microsoft had to delay the release. It could launch in the second half of the month. Worse, it could launch next year.