House Flipper 2 Achievement Guide & How to Get Them

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House Flipper was a game I never thought was going to make it big. Sim games are a dime a dozen on Steam alone. And if you’re not on the level of PowerWash Simulator, then it’s hard to get a piece of the pie. But fast forward to today and the cozy renovation game has garnered enough of an audience that a sequel was possible. And thus, we now have House Flipper 2.

In this House Flipper 2 achievement guide, I’ll tell you what you need to know to get all the achievements associated with the game. For those wondering if a trophy list is possible, that will be added with the launch of the PlayStation and Xbox console releases on March 21st, 2024.

There are 36 achievements to earn in the game. True to its wholesome nature, the game doesn’t demand too much while asking us to do mundane things on the level of actual house cleaning.

House Flipper 2 Achievement List

  • World’s Best Flipper: Unlock all achievements
  • Bullseye: Throw a trash bag into a bin from 10 meters away
  • Full House: How many Bessies are there?
  • I’m an Architect!: Building from the ground up is so much fun
  • That was a lot: No stain can hide from you
  • Mount Everest: Cover a distance of 8848 meters with a paint roller
  • You Did It!: And that’s the whole story
  • Business is Booming: House flipping at its finest
  • Everything Matches: Use the Flipper tool to copy and paste the item style 5 times
  • Change of Environment: Why sell a house when you can move in?
  • Deja vu: This job looks very familiar…
  • Hello?: Catch up with an old friend
  • Charming Talker: It’s good to know who you work for
  • Full Control: Connect 20 items to 1 switch and turn it on
  • I’m Grateful: Find Reva’s lost journal
  • Don’t Try This at Home!: Spray an electrical outlet while cleaning
  • Custom PC Cooling: Put a laptop in the fridge
  • Fully Prepared: Unlock all tools in Story Mode
  • The Fast and the Cleanest: Finish a job in less than 5 minutes
  • Change of Mind: This color looked better in the store
  • It Ain’t That Easy: Someone’s trash isn’t always another’s treasure
  • Work Smart, Not Hard: Who said an outdoor bin has to be outside?
  • With Great Power…: Unlock all perks
  • Trick Shot: Throw a trash bag into a bin 3 times in a row
  • Marathon Runner: Cover a distance of 42 kilometers
  • Pinnacove Suburbs: No job in the suburbs can be left unfinished
  • Crayfish Coast: Everything on the coast seems more fun, even jobs!
  • Coralroot Forest: A job can’t hide even in the deepest forest
  • House Hoarder: I keep them out of sentiment
  • The Tables Have Turned: Someone has to make a mess for someone else to clean
  • As Instructed: Assemble 1 item
  • Tinkerer: You really love assembling items, don’t you?
  • First Steps: It’s just the beginning
  • They Come and They Go: Sell 5 houses
  • Millionaire: Earn your first 1,000,000
  • Money Sink: Spend your first 1,000,000

Getting all the achievements in House Flipper 2 is similar to taking part in any house-flipping show: you have a set budget to buy the house and the equipment you’ll need to renovate the property with the hopes of selling it at a higher price. If memory serves correctly, the first game didn’t exactly have a story to it. You were just a home renovation machine during your entire time. House Flipper 2, however, does have a story and there are a handful of achievements associated with story progression.

When it comes to game modes, you’ll have your choice of either playing in Sandbox mode, where you can create challenges to share with your friends, or playing through Story mode as a first-time flipper looking to get into the business. But no matter how you want to play, you’ll make progress with the achievements regardless. There’s no escaping free throws into trash bins.

The I’m an Architect! achievement can be obtained in Sandbox mode. I don’t know what counts as minimum when it comes to building something from the ground up but let’s assume that you’ll need at least a floor, a wall, and a roof. I also can’t say if you can unlock the achievement in Story mode, but if the job warrants the addition of a new wing of the house, that might just be enough to unlock the achievement.

There are several trophies tied to story progression. If you make it to the end and get the You Did It! achievement, then you’ve gotten the majority of story achievements. Unless some hidden trophies require you to uncover a secret here and there.

There are a minimum of three locations within the game: the suburbs, the coast, and the forest. The achievements Pinnacove Suburbs, Crayfish Coast, and Coralroot Forest are unlocked after getting access to the areas for the first time.

The trophies Mount Everest and Marathon Runner are going to take some time to get. They both require you to do actions over an extended period. If you’re in a rush to get them, you can paint a section of wall layer upon layer from different paint cans until the achievement is unlocked. I don’t think you can cover a distance of 42 kilometers by running into a wall. You can try and walk in circles for a very long time, that should be enough.

The fastest way to get the Custom PC Cooling achievement is to grab the laptop from your home and put it in the fridge. It’ll take a second or two to get the positioning right, but you’ll get the notification once the laptop is set inside the fridge.

The It Ain’t That Easy achievement is vague with its wording. All you need to do is to start a job that has trash to clean out. Pick up any number of times with the Collecting trash action and then put it down once the bag has some trash inside it. Then select the Flipper tool and aim at the trash bag you’re trying to sell. You’ll get the achievement after the failed attempt to sell it.

To get the Deja vu achievement, just complete any job you’ve already finished from the ‘Archive Tab’ located in the game’s overworld map. From there, choose the ‘Start from Scratch’ option and you’ll get the achievement.

The Full Control achievement asks you to daisy chain 20 items onto one switch and then turn it on. That kind of octopus wiring is a bad idea to do in real life but that’s the freedom that video games allow. It certainly worked in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, and those items can all be potentially connected to a mini nuclear power plant.

And finally, we have the Work Smart, Not Hard achievement. You’ll unlock this one picking up the blue trash bins you usually find from the street curb and bringing it into the house. You may need some space to get it to drop into the world but it’s a good idea to help you save time from all that walking around. Feel free to do so after getting the Marathon Runner achievement.

That’s everything I’ve got for this House Flipper 2 achievement guide. From what I see, this sequel is a big step forward compared to the first game. The core is largely in tact so if you’ve got some experience with moving stuff and cleaning entire houses, you can get all the achievements in the game without too much of a hassle.

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