How Long Is Persona 5 Tactica

Atlus is known for pretty lengthy games and you can expect Persona 5 Tactica to take some time to beat. If you’re wondering how much you should set aside to complete this game, then you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to ask for some time off of work because Persona 5 Tactica is gonna take a while to beat.

How long to beat Persona 5 Tactica

It takes about 40 to 50 hours to beat Persona 5 Tactica on average. You should spend about that much time juggling between main story missions, side quests, and optional interactions with your party members. Completionists who want to 100% the game will take around 70 hours to see everything in the game.

Compared to Persona 5 Royal which takes around 100 hours to beat, Persona 5 Tactica is about half as long. It shares about the same length as Persona 5 Strikers which was another spin-off which took around 40 hours to beat. Like the typical Persona games, Tactica is also a turned-based JRPG but follows a more grid based formula much like XCOM so strategy is more fluid and there’s a bigger emphasis on proper placement.

JRPGs are naturally meant to be a bit on the longer side of things. Between managing your party members and watching all the optional scenes, they’re meant to be a time consuming experience. That’s not to mention the Persona 5 Tactica DLCs which also introduce Goro Akechi and Kasumi Yoshizawa into the story. There’s also the Repaint Your Heart challenge pack which adds additional missions which exclusive clear conditions.

Persona 5 Tactica gameplay

What’s interesting is how this 40 to 50 hours game length of Tactica balances into the game. Considering when Persona 5 Tactica takes place, it’s an interquel that takes place during the events of Persona 5 Royal. While Royal is around 100 hours at least, that time was spread throughout the entire year. You’ll have to find out for yourself how Tactica justifies the cast disappearing for such a long amount of time without anyone in Tokyo noticing.

While 40 to 50 hours isn’t that long for a JRPG, it’s still a pretty large amount of time. Get ready to dedicate quite a bit of your hours to completing Persona 5 Tactica.