How PS4 Headsets Can Improve Your Play

Immerse Yourself with PS4 Headsets

Gaming is one of the most immersive entertainment platforms out today. It provides endless hours of entertainment where you can explore entire universes from the comfort of your own couch. PC gamers are no longer the only gamers looking to improve their play and experience, PS4 players are seeking out more ways to make their game better too. Knowing how PS4 headsets can improve your play is integral to those looking to invest in a good PS4 headset.

With the introduction of highly competitive games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, where sound location and distance can directly impact your win rate, and a growing number of atmosphere games like Resident Evil 7 and Horizon Zero Dawn, many gamers are purchasing high-end headsets that can improve their experience when they look at PS4 headsets.

This article will review the different qualities a PS4 headset can have and the various benefits these qualities can bring to both gamers who play solo player games and gamers who play competitive games. Each group of gamers will have different needs and wants for their headset so being able to identify which type of gamer you are is important to ensure you do not purchase the wrong PS4 headset.

Let’s dive into the different qualities of PS4 headsets that can impact your experience.

Sound Quality

Sound quality should be one of the most important features, if not the most important feature, to look for in a PS4 headset for both solo and competitive players. In competitive games, being able to hear detailed sounds can give you the greatest advantage an accessory can give. Knowing the exact location of an enemy is paramount to improving your gameplay. Everything from footsteps to unique reloading sounds can be heard clearer on a PS4 headset over regular cheap earbuds or speakers.

For solo games or atmospheric games, having good sound quality can keep you more engaged, allowing you to hear all of the subtle sound cues and background noise to really pull you into the game.

Now, the sound quality is not the same across brands and headsets but generally you can gauge the quality based on cost. PS4 headsets around $50-$100 will generally give you great sound quality that should dramatically improve your gaming performance if you are currently using speakers. You can also go for headsets in the $30-$50 range and see some improvement. PS4 headsets over $100 give you the best of the best in terms of sound quality and around this price point is where you start to see additional benefits like customization, unique controls for sound, and the ability to connect to multiple devices at once.

Team Communication

For atmospheric games or solo games, this will not be an important quality for your PS4 headset but for competitive players, this will be very important. Almost all PS4 headsets come with a microphone that gives you the ability to speak with your team. Communication is an important part of playing team-based competitive games like Overwatch, Battlefield, and Call of Duty.

Now, if you are a solo player who is looking into putting gaming videos on YouTube or streaming on Twitch, you should care a lot about the type of microphone that is on your PS4 headset. If you are looking into streaming or producing videos, you will want a PS4 headset that auto adjusts the volume of your voice naturally in-game so you never sound too loud or too soft.

Long-Term Comfort

Anyone who has worn earbuds for longer than 3 hours knows the pain associated with long-term wear. Your ears can start to ache or throb and you can feel pressure around your temples. Even over-the-ear headphones can lead to the top of your head hurting, your ears feeling pressure, or your glasses pressing against your temples. It can really hurt after hours of wear and most PS4 headsets are designed with this in mind but few execute it well. If you wear glasses, you can and should look for specific PS4 headsets that label themselves as glasses friendly.

Beyond the pain of glasses, look for headphones that have somewhat large padding cups that can swivel and be adjusted. If they are not big enough, they can end up pressing your ears against your head which will result in soreness much sooner than larger cupped headsets. Over-ear cups also give a better seal on the noise and will help remove any outside noise that could interfere with your sound quality. Comfort is very subjective, so if you can, read online reviews as well as visit your local stores to see if you can try out the different headsets.

Limiting Distractions

Whether your favorite game genre is horror, action, RPG, or shooters, everyone has experienced the distractions associated with outside noise or random sounds that interfere with your immersion and focus. Every game uses sound cues to give you information integral to the gameplay. Having a noise canceling PS4 headset can directly improve your ability to trust that the sound is important. Although many PS4 headsets do come with noise canceling properties, they can be on the pricier side. If your budget is on the lower side, fret not, almost all over-the-ear PS4 headsets naturally block out background noise and form a relative sound barrier around your ears.

Beyond the personal benefits, almost all of us live with family or roommates. Playing on your PlayStation® can be distracting to them if you have to use the TV speakers especially if you play games that are loud and repetitive. Not only will your gameplay improve by purchasing a PS4 headset, but it can be a win-win for both you and all of your housemates!


Purchasing a good PS4 headset is imperative to improving your competitive play but, beyond that, it offers so many additional benefits regardless of what genre you tend to play. PS4 headsets give you the ability to hear every tiny detail, from the creak of the floorboard to the sniper shot whiz by your head. These PS4 headsets not only give you the ability to hear clearly and comfortably, they offer you the ability to communicate with your team in co-op games, online games, and competitive games. No matter what brand of PS4 headsets you purchase, you will improve your play!

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