How to Beat Tormentors in Destiny 2 Lightfall

How To Defeat Tormentors easily in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

Destiny 2 - Tormentors - feature

A new type of enemy has appeared in Destiny 2: Lightfall called Tormentors. They are strong enemies that wield massive scythes and possess a wide range of attacks that can instantly kill players in one go. In this guide, players will learn more about tormentors and how to defeat them, so read on.

What are Tormentors in Destiny 2?

Tormentors are one of the most dangerous enemies that players will face in the new Destiny 2 expansion pack, Lightfall. Not only that, they have a massive HP stat, take less damage from being hit on their body, and have a collection of skills that can suppress any buffs applied to any player.

How to Defeat Tormentors

Players must target a tormentor’s exposed weak points that will appear on their body using precision weapons such as a Bowm Fusion Rifle or Scout Rifle. This also requires guardians to go through two phases during a tormentor battle.

During the first phase, players will need to target the shoulders, as they can deal a decent amount of damage. Keep up the pressure while moving and avoid getting hit by its projectile attacks or being grabbed by it.

When it begins to activate its berserker mode, it will mark the beginning of its second phase. Target the chest, as the weak point of it will change as well. Do note that its body will be prone to all attacks, making it more dangerous, so avoid being too close. Try keeping a safe distance to avoid its heavy slams and grab attacks. Recommend using heavy-duty weapons like rocket launchers and more to be able to deal more damage to it.

Lastly, when the HP starts to near its death, keep an eye on its head, as even it can be given a finishing blow. Once the exposed marker is shown on its head, finish the tormentor as quickly as possible.

And that’s our guide on defeating the Tormentors in Destiny 2 Lightfall. If you like this guide, please check out our other Destiny 2-related articles.

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