How to Defeat Kale in Hi-Fi RUSH – Boss Fight Guide

Learn all of Kale's attacks and strategies to defeat him.

Hi-Fi RUSH Boss Kale cover

Kale is the final boss that players must face in Hi-Fi Rush. He is the head of the entire Vandelay Corp. after usurping the position. His philanthropic plan of providing people with their company’s implants is just a cover for his hidden motive of being able to control the masses to his will.

Read ahead as we look at Kale’s moves and attacks and share some tips and strategies on how to survive and win the fight.

How to beat Kale in Boss Fight Hi-Fi RUSH

Kale’s boss fight is divided into three phases. Prior to the fight, Chai will be placed under his control and you’ll get to play as 808 to get him back to normal.

Kale Pre-fight Phase

As 808, you’ll need to avoid Kale’s attack and reach him to do a counter-attack. Kale will be sending out walls of flames which 808 can avoid by jumping over. Once you reach Kale, you need to press the button prompt to attack his hand. You’ll need to do this twice in order to destroy the component that controls Chai.

Kale Phase 1 Attacks – Verse

  • Downward Slash – Kale will jump and slash his sword down at you, followed up by an upward slash. Parry this to avoid taking damage.
  • Wide Slash – Kale will slash his sword in a wide swing. He can also string multiple slashes into a combo. All slashes can be parried.
  • Lightning Strike – The boss calls upon a lightning strike on your position. You’ll see a target marker on your feet everywhere you go, so it’s best to stay put and parry all strikes. Expect to get hit at least thrice for this attack in uniform beats.

Once his health bar is down, Kale will do a combo of attacks which include an un-parryable attack. Successfully parry and dodge through this combo to proceed to the next phase.

Kale Phase 2 Attacks – Chorus

For this phase, Kale gains more arms to use in battle. Each arm can be countered by one of your companions in battle who will give you an opening to deal damage to them. You can still do damage directly towards the boss, but it would make it easier to destroy the arms first.

  • Slammer Arms – Kale uses the slammer arms to slam them on to the ground. He gets stuck upon landing on the ground for a few beats, which is your opening to use Macaron to destroy these shielded arms.
  • Laser Arm – The boss uses a laser arm to fire lasers at your direction. As it’s charging, it will put up a shield. Use Peppermint to destroy the shield and gain an opening.
  • Flame Arm – The boss uses a flame arm to shoot out flames at your direction. Use Korsica’s wind attack to blow the flames back towards Kale’s direction.

Kale Phase 3 Attacks – Bridge

Most of his previous attacks in the first phase have been powered up, such as:

  • Downward Slash – The slashes will also spawn two delayed explosion near the impact point.
  • Wide Slash – The slashes will have almost twice the range, but can still be parried.
  • Lightning Strike – The strikes deal more damage, but they can still be parried.

Kale will also use his laser drones to shoot laser in combos. These can also be parried in a sequence, however there’s not much of a visual cue to work on other than the path of the laser that appear right before the attack.

Once Kale’s health is down to zero, prepare to do another combo parry and dodge sequence. This will then be followed by tandem combos with each of your companions. After doing successful combos, one final cutscene will play to complete the fight.

Check out this video by Slurpy Chuckles showing how to defeat Kale Vandelay: