How to Defeat Rekka in Hi-Fi RUSH – Boss Fight Guide

A complete guide on how to easily defeat Rekka: second boss in Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush Boss Rekka cover

Rekka is the second boss the players must face in Hi-Fi Rush. She leads the Quality Assurance department of Vandalay Corp. and has a very aggressive temper. Rekka’s biggest accomplishment is that their department haven’t had any defects sent out of production and she does whatever she wants to keep it that way.

Read ahead as we look at Rekka’s moves and attacks and share some tips and strategies on how to survive and win the fight.

How to beat Hi-Fi RUSH Rekka Boss Fight

The Rekka boss fight is divided into four phases which progress based on the boss’ remaining health.

Rekka Phase 1 Attacks – Verse 1

  • Charge – Rekka charges towards you three times. Each charge takes four beats to prepare and a visual marker appears on the third beat. Take this as your signal to dash to the side to avoid the charge. If she charges at a wall and hits it, she will become stunned for a few seconds.
  • Punch – Rekka winds up her fist and raises one leg up to deliver a super punch. This move also takes four beats to charge her leg can be used as a visual cue on when to dodge; when it’s pointed up high, the next beat will be the attack.
  • Stomp – The boss raises one of her legs up as a target circle appears and expands underneath her. She then stomps the ground and releases an explosion.
  • Jumping Slam – Rekka jumps up and lands hard on where you’re standing. Wait for the apex of the jump before dodging out of the way.

Rekka Phase 2 Attacks – Chorus 1

  • Charged Charge – Rekka hunches forward and dashes to your last position. She can home in on your position while preparing for the charge up until the third beat, after which you’ll see a visual cue to dodge from the line of charge.
  • Ground Slam – Rekka jumps high and punches the ground, sending arcs of electricity that covers the entire arena. The best cue to know when to jump is when her fist is pointed at the ground. After the punch, she will be incapacitated for a few seconds and open for attacks. She will also lose her charge and revert to using uncharged attacks until she charged back up in the middle of the arena.

Once Rekka’s health is down to 50%, she will rip out a panel from the floor and use the electric pipes to charge her attacks.

Rekka Phase 3 Attacks – Verse 2

  • Pipe Throw – Rekka grabs pipes and throws them at you. It will be a minigame where you’ll have to move between three lanes to avoid the pipes. Markers will appear on the lane where she’ll throw the pipe; a thin gray line at first, followed by a wide line signaling that a pipe will be thrown. It’s best to stay in the middle lane as much as possible so that you can quickly dodge to the side lanes.
  • Pipe Slam – Rekka heads to the exposed pipes and grabs pipes which she would then slam at you. She can string this attack three times and because of the range of the pipes, it’s best to concentrate on dodging the entire attack first. After the slams, she will throw both pipes to the side like a boomerang which will reconverge at her position.
  • DDT Combo – Rekka expands her arms and raises them sideways. She then charges at you and if you’re caught, you’ll be put through a DDT combo. The best timing to dodge is when both of her arms are glowing red.

Rekka Phase 4 Attacks – Chorus 2

  • Pipe Spin – Rekka grabs a much larger pipe and spins around with it. She will then chase you around the arena. The best way to avoid getting hit is to kite her to chase you around the arena and only use your dashes when she’s close. The spin attack lasts for a while and using your dashes early might still get you caught in it.

Hi-Fi RUSH Rekka Tips & Strategies

  • Since you already have Peppermint helping you out during the fight, you should use her often and make sure that your special attacks with her land on Rekka.
  • Try using your Magnet Grab to close the gap between you and Rekka whenever she’s open for attacks. Her attacks make her move so much around the map that chasing her around will be a hassle.

Check out this video by misternoobie showing the Rekka boss fight:

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