How to Defeat Roquefort in Hi-Fi RUSH – Boss Fight Guide

Learn all of Roquefort's attacks and strategies to defeat him.

Hi-Fi RUSH Boss Roquefort cover

Roquefort is one of the bosses that players must face in Hi-Fi Rush. He handles the financials of Vandelay Corp and makes sure that their company and operations stay afloat. Underneath his aging looks is a more sinister form which can prove to be quite a challenge.

Read ahead as we look at Roquefort’s moves and attacks and share some tips and strategies on how to survive and win the fight.

How to beat Roquefort in Boss Fight Hi-Fi RUSH

Roquefort’s boss fight is divided into three phases. He transforms into his wolf mode when fighting, allowing him to move quickly and deal deadly attacks.

Roquefort Phase 1 Attacks – Verse 1

  • Claw Swipe – Roquefort swipes his claw at you. He can do this once or string three swipes in a combo. Look out for the timing marker and dodge as soon as you see it. There’s not much difference between whether he will do a single swipe or a combo swipe, so best to stay back.
  • Pounce – The boss will jump in the air and pounce on your position. His landing also sends out a delayed explosion.
  • Tail Whip – The boss will be on all fours and wag his tail before spinning around, summoning two whirlwinds that do contact damage.

Once his health goes below 20%, he’ll transform back into his human form and run away from you. Chase him down to deal more damage. He will also raise shields, so use either Peppermint or Macaron to break the shields down. Once his health is down, the fight will move to the next place.

Roquefort Phase 2 Attacks – Verse 2

  • Dash – Roquefort will dash around the room multiple times to hit you. Best to prepare your parry to mitigate the damage.
  • Big Bad Wolf – The boss will do this special attack where he blows a huge gust of wind. You’ll need to counter this attack with Korsica and summon her as soon as he starts his attack. If you’re successful, you’ll enter a mini game where you have to press the right buttons as they cross the line. If you manage to hit all the notes correctly, Roquefort will be stunned for a few seconds.
  • Laser Wall – The boss will summon lasers that create a wall, plus three orbs that shoot lasers at you. The wall of lasers will have a gap where you can go through safely. The orbs will shoot a laser beam each which you can parry, then the wall of lasers will move towards you very quickly. If you’re fast enough, you can dash towards Roquefort and bypass the wall to deal damage to him.

Roquefort Phase 3 Attacks – Verse 3

  • Breach – Roquefort swims down in the sea of gold and chases you down. He pushes up things to the surface before surfacing himself and diving back in. Concentrate on dodging his attacks at this point until he surfaces for good. He will take a few seconds to recover after doing two to three breaches, from which then you can continue dealing damage.

Once Roquefort’s health is down, a cutscene will play where he keeps standing up, but he then gets buried in a pile of coins which keeps him down for good. Chai will then be able to get his pass key and complete the fight.

Check out this video by misternoobie showing how to defeat Roquefort: