How to Farm Coins in Garden Galaxy

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There are different kinds of coins available in Garden Galaxy used to get the items that can be added into the garden. Each type of coin belongs to a certain theme and using them in the magic pot gives players a chance to get something out of it coming from the same theme.

In this guide, we will go through all the kinds of coins in Garden Galaxy, as well as share some tips on how to farm for them in the game.

Garden Galaxy Coin Types

There are different types of coins that can be earned in the game, such as:

  • Copper coin
  • Silver coin
  • Gold coin
  • Garden coin
  • Water coin
  • Forest coin
  • Desert coin
  • Urban coin
  • Curio coin
  • Classic coin
  • Lawn coin

All coins can be obtained from the visitors that arrive in your garden, however the copper, silver, and gold coins drop more often than the rest of the other coins. Each coin dropped in the magic pot will reward an item within the same theme as the coin.

Coin Banks: (top) Copper, Silver, Gold, (middle) Water, Forest, Desert, Urban, (bottom) Curio, Classic, Lawn

Converting Coins

Coins can be converted into different coins with the help of the Coin Banks. These coin banks can be obtained from the magic pot and will follow the theme of the coin that was used. Other coins, except for the same themed coin, can be placed inside these coin banks which then then add up to a meter.

Once a meter is filled, a coin will be added up inside the bank. Coin banks can hold up to 10 coins and can be obtained by breaking the bank. It’s recommended to fill up the coin bank first before breaking them as banks are consumable items.

Coins have different conversion values compared to each other, as listed below per coin bank:

  • Copper Coin Bank
    • 1 Gold to 2 Copper
    • 1 Themed Coin to 2 Copper
    • 1 Silver to 1 Copper
  • Silver Coin Bank
    • 1 Gold to 1 Silver
    • 1 Themed Coin to 1 Silver
    • 1 Copper to 0.50 Silver
  • Gold Coin Bank
    • 1 Themed Coin to 0.75 Gold
    • 1 Silver to 0.50 Gold
    • 1 Copper to 0.25 Gold
  • Themed Coin Bank
    • 1 Gold to 0.75 Themed Coin
    • 1 Other Themed Coin to 0.75 Themed Coin
    • 1 Silver to 0.50 Themed Coin
    • 1 Copper to 0.25 Themed Coin

*Themed coin/bank is any of the coins other than copper, silver, and gold.

Farming Coins

In order to farm more coins, you need either need to expand your garden to allow more visitors to come in, or get the Classic Brazier which increases the maximum number of visitors that your garden can accommodate at a given time.

If you are focusing on getting coins for a particular theme, one trick that you can do is to keep at least two to three of the same coin bank and whenever you drop a coin of the same theme, make sure that you have that coin bank placed on the Gold Altar. Doing this will increase the chances of you getting more of the same type of coin bank, allowing you to essentially get more of the same coin indefinitely.

Garden Galaxy is available on Steam.

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