How to Choose Items from the Pot in Garden Galaxy

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Garden Galaxy is a garden simulation game built around the RNG mechanic where players get random items from a magical pot. From this randomness, players can then get to build their own gardens and express their creativity from whatever items they got. But what if we tell you that the RNG for the game can be beaten and you can essentially choose whatever item that you want to get out from the pot all the time?

In this guide, we will talk about how to “remove” the randomness of the pot and choose the items that can be obtained from it, as well as share some tips on how to quickly set it up.

How to choose Item Drops from the Magical Pot in Garden Galaxy

First of all, this method requires a bit of a set up when it comes to that items that you must already have in your garden. But don’t worry as we will also share a technique that you can use to quickly obtain the items needed in the latter part of the guide.

Basically, how this method works is that we force the items that can be obtained from the magical pot with the help of the Trunk Altar, or also known as the Excluder/Disabler/Forest Altar/Eliminatrunk/Trunkator; we’ll just go with Trunk Altar for the sake of this guide. By having multiple Trunk Altars set up, each holding a different item from rewards pool of a particular coin save for the one that you want to get, you’ll force the magical pot to only drop that specific item.

The Trunk Altar set-up as shown holding all items from the Copper Pool excluding the white tile. The Gold Altar was no longer needed for this set-up.

For example: If you want to get just the white tiles from the copper rewards pool, you need to have a total of 22 Trunk Altars (21 Copper Items sans the white tile + 1 Copper Completion Book) and then have each of those altars hold one distinct item from the Copper Pool except for the white tile. Once it has been set, whenever you drop a copper coin in the magical pot, it will always drop a white tile.

If you want to switch up the guaranteed drop to a different item within the same coin pool, you can simply remove that item from the Trunk Altar and make sure to put the previous item on the Trunk Altar, otherwise both items will drop at a ~50/50 chance. This method works for every coin pool in the game, although the number of Trunk Altars that you need to use will slightly vary depending on how many items are in the coin pool.

This set-up can be expanded to accommodate every single item in the game which removes the need to switch up whenever you need items from different pools, but this set-up requires hundreds of Trunk Altars.

Having the Gold Altar will also work for this method, but it won’t be necessary once the full Trunk Altar set-up has been established.

This method is one good way of farming for particular items as you are guaranteed to get what you want every time. It can also be used to discover all of the items within a coin pool just by placing all of the discovered items on the trunks.

How to get Trunk Altars fast

Trunk Altars can be obtained from the Forest Pool and it has a very small chance to drop, with around 1 in every 20 coins used or even less. The farming process for these altars will definitely be slow at first as it will heavily rely on RNG, but it can be sped up using different methods.

The first method requires the Gold Altar and the Forest Coin Bank. This method is simple as you just need to make sure that you have a healthy stock of coin banks ready for use; around 3 or 4 coin banks should do. This ensures that you’ll have a steady supply of Forest Coins as you can just simply convert all the coins that you get through the coin bank. Just make sure to replenish your coin bank stock once in a while by placing an empty coin bank on the altar; a partially-filled coin bank cannot be placed on the altar, so be careful.

Slowly, but surely, you’ll eventually get a few couple of Trunk Altars from the pot. Don’t forget that you can also put the Trunk Altar on the Gold Altar to raise its drop rate.

The next method is basically just the main method that we just discussed before. As your Trunk Altars grow in number, you can start placing other items from the Forest Pool on them. This way, you’ll increase your chances of getting the altars with every coin that you drop until you reach the 100% drop rate for the altars.

Can I use Gold Altars instead of Trunk Altars?

No, because the devs have already patched up the Gold Altar duplication that was once possible in the demo version. If you did manage to save up multiple Gold Altars from the demo, this method will not produce a 100% guaranteed drop as all the other items will just have their drop rates lowered to the smallest possible number in the game.

Getting the Secret Item using the Trunk Altars

There is a secret item that can be obtained from the magical pot with the help of the Trunk Altars and it’s the Forest Doll. It’s a special item that just sways its head from side to side when clicked on, but it does not appear in the item catalogue.

To get this secret item, you need to put all the items from a single pool on top of Trunk Altars. This includes all the variants and the Completion Book for that said pool. Then, every coin from the same pool that you drop inside the pot moving forward will always give out these Forest Dolls.

Since they do not belong in any of the pools, they don’t count for of the exclusion method. It also cannot be excluded from the pot; even if a Forest Doll is placed on a Trunk Altar, the magical pot will still drop a Forest Doll.

Garden Galaxy is available on Steam.

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