How to Farm Money in Like A Dragon: Ishin

The fastest ways to earn and farm Money in Like A Dragon: Ishin


Although it appears simple, making money in Like A Dragon Ishin actually a challenging endeavor. Many sorts of things in the game require money, from weapons and potions to food and crafting supplies to purchasing trooper cards. This guide will teach players how to farm money faster, so read on.

Quickest Ways To Farm Money In Like A Dragon Ishin

There are multiple ways to earn money in the game. The first method is probably one of the easiest and most productive ways and that is through combat. As players patrol the streets of Kyoto, they will encounter various enemies who will either gang up on other people or ambush Ryoma out of nowhere. If players concentrate on combat, they can even try out the Battle Dungeons, which are accessible from the Shinsegumi HQ. 

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Another way to earn money is by selling plates at the local pawn shop. Plates that are easily rewarded to players through sub-stories or pots scattered throughout Kyoto can be found in various parts of the city. These plates vary based on their rarity, and the higher their rarity, the higher the pay offered by pawn shops.

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Mini-games throughout the game are found in various parts of Kyoto. There are two notable areas where players can make or lose a lot of money. The first is through Chicken Races. Players must wager on which of the five chickens is the fastest, and the winner will receive a plethora of prizes. The second area is the Gambling Hall, where players can partake in various local Japanese casino games that were popular during the Meiji Era.

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“Another Life” is also a good way to earn lots of money quickly, though this method can be used only after meeting the requirements once you reach Chapter 4 of the main story. In this feature of the game, players can accomplish certain tasks, and in return, they will receive tons of money that is worth getting. This method is by far the most profitable method among the rest.

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