How to Fast Travel in Coral Island

Coral Island Fast Travel cover

Fast Traveling is a feature in Coral Island that greatly helps in traversing the large expanse of the island instantly. There are several fixed fast travel spots scattered within the island, but in order to use them, a quest needs to be completed first.

In this guide, we will talk about the steps on how to unlock the fast travel points in Coral Island.

How to unlock Fast Travel in Coral Island

To unlock the first fast travel points, you must first unlock the Mythical Dream quest first which leads to the Temple Offering quest.

How to complete the Mythical Dream quest

The Mythical Dream quest comes in after your sleep on your 6th day. You will experience a dream where a spirit will reach out to you. It will will require you to inspect the tablet on any of the sacred trees in the island. The closest ones can be found within the town, just south of the Lab, and the one that can be found northwest from the Ranch.

After completing the quest, you will unlock the Temple Offering quest.

How to complete the Temple Offering quest

Start the quest by heading over to the Lake Temple and interacting with the spirit who lives there.

The objective of the quest is to complete a full set of any offering. You can complete either the Essential Resources offerings or the Spring Sesajen as these are the easiest one to complete during Spring, otherwise you can go for the other offering sets that work for the current season.

The Essential Resources set only need five kinds of offerings from an option of seven, and the set requires:

  • x10 Wood
  • x10 Stone
  • x10 Fiber
  • x10 Sap
  • x5 Maple Seed
  • x5 Oak Seed
  • x5 Pine cone

The Spring Sesajen requires:

  • x1 Turnip
  • x1 Carrot
  • x1 Daisy
  • x1 Wasabi
  • x1 Morel

Completing any of the sets will unlock a cutscene and will also unlock the first fast travel spots. These spots can be accessed by interacting with the offering posts that are lit and have offerings placed inside them. A new map will pop out which will show the other unlocked fast travel spots.

There will be three fast travel spots that will be unlocked through this first quest which are the following:

  • Farm – the fast travel point is beside the house near the north exit.
  • Diving Pier – the fast travel point is located to the right of the diving pier sign, near the path to the beach.
  • Lake Temple – the fast travel point is at the base of the temple stairs, to the left.

Another fast travel point that leads to the Forest Cavern can only be unlocked after reaching level 15 within the mines.

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