How to get Clay in Palia

This guide talks about how to obtain Clay in Palia.

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Clay is one of the materials that can be obtained in Palia. It is the raw material used to create ceramics in the game. Read ahead as we talk more about how to obtain Clay in Palia.

Palia: How to get Clay

How to get Clay - Palia Guide

Clay can be obtained by mining it from clay deposits using the pickaxe. These deposits look like brown rocks which are often found near bodies of water like lakes or ponds.

Palia: Clay Uses

Clay can be further processed and turned into Ceramic which is used in making crafters or buildings. To create Ceramic, you will need to reach level 2 in Mining, then talk to Hodari who you can buy both the Basic Smelter recipe and the Ceramic Bar recipe from for 100 coins and 50 coins, respectively.

Craft the Basic Smelter using the following materials:

  • x40 Stone
  • x6 Flint
  • x3 Sernuk Hide
Clay Uses - Palia

Once the Smelter is built and placed, you can then feed it Clay to make Ceramic. One Ceramic brick requires two Clay pieces, and the process takes 4 minutes per brick.

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