How to get Fabric in Palia

This guide will explain all the necessary steps for how to get fabric and what it can be used for in Palia.

Palia Fabric cover

Fabric is one of the materials that can be obtained in Palia. It is an essential material to craft the Glider that can help in traversing the land better. Read ahead as we talk more about how to obtain Fabric in Palia.

Palia: How to get Fabric

Fabric is a crafted material made from Cotton or it can be purchased outright from the Material Store for 190 coins.

To craft Fabric from Cotton, you must first reach level 2 in Furniture Making to unlock the Fabric Loom crafting recipe from Tish, purchasable for 100 coins.

Then, craft the Fabric Loom using the following materials:

  • x15 Sapwood Plank
  • x20 Plant Fiber
  • x2 Copper Bar
  • x5 Ceramic

You can then use the loom by feeding it Cotton. One piece of Fabric will require one piece of Cotton and the process takes 8 minutes per piece.

Cotton Seeds can be bought from the General Store for 40 coins each and it takes 5 in games days to grow until it can be harvested.

Alternatively, Cotton can also be purchased from the Crop Store in the Family Farm for 180 coins a piece.

Palia: Fabric Uses

The main use of the Fabric is to craft the Glider which can be crafted from the following materials:

  • x3 Sapwood Planks
  • x2 Fabric
  • x5 Leather
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