How to Get Honey in Palworld

A guide on how to obtain Honey in Palworld

Palworld Honey cover

In Palworld, honey is a consumable resource. Its most important use is being one of the ingredients for making Cakes that are used for breeding Pals. Read ahead as we share the ways on how to obtain Honey in Palworld.

Honey from Cinnamoths and Beegardes

Honey is produced by Cinnamoths and Beegardes when they are caught and placed in a base with a Ranch. There are also other Pals such as Elizabee or Warsect that can produce them, however taming them can be challenging.

Cinnamoths can be found in the aptly named Cinnamoth Forest and the nearby surrounding areas, and they are the honey-makers that can be encountered earlier than the rest.

Beegardes can be found around the Frostbound Mountains and Mossandra Forest and they are often found guarding an Elizabee.

Warsects can be found inside the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary, and because of how far one must progress before being able to reach the area, they are not really a better option than the previous Pals mentioned.

All honey-making Pals can also be hunted down to make them drop honey.

Uses of Honey

Honey can be consumed right away by both the character and pals to replenish the hunger bar. The most important thing honey is used for is by using it as an ingredient for making Cakes. Cakes are necessary food when breeding Pals, so it is important to have enough honey supply to be able to create cakes and sustain breeding cycles.