How to Get Milk in Palworld

A guide on how to obtain Milk in Palworld

Palworld Milk cover

In Palworld, milk is a consumable resource. It can be consumed to relieve hunger for both players and Pals, but it is most known as an essential ingredient for making Cakes that are used for breeding Pals. Read ahead as we share the ways on how to obtain Milk in Palworld.

Milk from Mozzarina

Milk is produced by Mozzarina which are the cow-like Pals in the game. Mozzarinas are often found grazing around the ravine river down the Ascetic Falls, far west from the Plateau of Beginnings. The area can be easily accessed via the Ravine Entrance fast travel point.

Mozzarinas can drop milk when hunted down, but the most sustainable way of obtaining milk from them is by catching them and putting them in a base that has a Ranch. As long as a Mozzarina is well fed and has a good working condition, it will continuously produce milk passively.

To get the maximum yield out of Mozzarinas, make sure that your base has enough pal beds, feed boxes, a a berry plantation to keep them fed.

Milk from Wandering Merchants

Milk can be bought from Wandering Merchants for 50 Gold a bottle. Wandering Merchants can be found in certain areas of the map such as settlements; they can also sometimes be found going around in different areas or they can also pay a visit to your base from time to time. The earliest merchant that you can encounter in the game can be found in the Small Settlement west of the Plateau of Beginnings.

Uses of Milk

Milk can be consumed right away by both the character and pals to replenish the hunger bar. The most important thing milk is used for is by using it as an ingredient for making Cakes. Cakes are necessary food when breeding Pals, so it is important to have enough milk supply to be able to create cakes and sustain breeding cycles.

Other meals that require milk are:

  • Hot Milk
  • Pancake
  • Mushroom Soup
  • Pizza
  • Carbonara
  • Eikthyrdeer Stew
  • Mozzarina Cheeseburger