How to Make Alcohol in The Front

Learn how to make Alcohol in The Front and find out where to get each of the recipe's ingredients using this guide.

How to Make Alcohol in The Front

Alcohol is one of the key ingredients mainly used to make drinks and explosives in The Front. While the recipe itself is easy to identify, players will have to gather all the necessary ingredients and materials needed to actually make one.

Read on, and this guide will detail all the steps involved in making the alcohol in The Front, including how to get the recipe and locations for where to find each ingredient.

How to Make Alcohol

How to Make Alcohol in The Front

In The Front, players must build a machine called a Fermenter in order to produce alcohol. In turn, this machine will provide the recipe for making alcohol. But there are certain conditions you need to keep in mind.

Fermenter Menu - How to Make Alcohol in The Front

The ingredient required for making alcohol is wheat. And 50 pieces of wheat are required to make 1 alcohol bottle. Additionally, you will needto add and activate an item called Hops into the Consumable Bar to increase the overall time of the fermentation process. 1 Hops is equivalent to 1 minute of crafting process. Once everything is set up, you can start making alcohol for explosives and drinks.

How to Get Wheat for Alcohol Recipe

How to Get Wheat for Alcohol Recipe - The Front

Wheat in The Front is typically located around the rivers and lakes. Make sure to use a sickle for harvesting Wheat instead of pressing E to collect it from the ground. By using this approach, you’ll obtain seeds that can be planted and cultivated in planters.

How to Get Hops for Alcohol Fermentation

How to Get Hops for Alcohol Fermentation - The Front

Players can get Hops from harvesting a mature Poppy. These are little red flowers that grow on the ground and can usually be found in the K12 area on the map. Similar to wheat, make sure to harvest them using a sickle to increase the chances of yielding hops, fiber, or even poppy seeds when the plant is still in the breeding stage.

After collecting all the necessary resources, place and activate the Hops in the Fermenter’s Consumable Bar. It takes 5 seconds to manufacture 1 bottle of alcohol, therefore placing enough wheat in the inventory bar can yield a good chunk of XP for making alcohol.

This covers everything you need to know about How to Make Alcohol in The Front.

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