How to Make Money Fast in Dead Island 2

Money doesn't grow on trees, it sprouts from the ground.

How to Make Money Fast in Dead Island 2

For a world that’s seemingly overrun by the dead and dying, you’d think that in Dead Island 2’s Hell-A, something like paper money would be nothing more than tinder… but you’d be wrong. Money is crucial for keeping your Survivor alive. It’s used to buy consumables, materials, and weapon upgrades. But most importantly, you’ll need money to maintain the condition of your favorite weapons. And you’ll need a lot of it.

This guide will tell you the best way to make money in Dead Island 2. It’s a surprisingly easy process, but one that’ll take you a while to realize its significance.

Money Making Options in Dead Island 2

Before we go over the best way to make money fast, let’s go over our options first:

Killing Zombies

Gamer sense tells us that there is money in taking down zombies and picking up their pockets. And while that is true to a certain extent, it is actually the worst way to get money. The truth is that you will be paying a lot more in maintaining your weapons. Whatever gains you’ve gotten, it’ll be lost in upkeep. Unless you’re in the habit of throwing away nearly broken weapons. But even then, you’ll only be getting an average of $20-30 per kill.

Opening Safes

There is also the option of opening up safes and going back and forth between them. That might seem like a relatively stable way of generating cash. Problem is that safes are too few and far in between. You’ll be going back and forth through the horde and the only thing you can show for it is a couple of thousand bucks per safe. Not exactly effective, is it?

Doing side quests and other missions

Your last option involves doing side quests and other missions. Yeah… good luck with that. There is no guarantee that any quest will yield money. At best, you’re looking at $4000 for a hand full of missions. You’ll be lucky to break even after clearing entire hordes of zombies.

Selling Weapons to Traders - Money Making Options in Dead Island 2

Your best bet is to sell weapons to traders throughout Hell-A. Don’t worry about picking a favorite, they all have the same rates. Although, some are closer to weapon vaults than others. We’ll explain that a bit further down.

Trader's Shop - Money Making Options in Dead Island 2

As you can see from the picture above, traders offer thousands for good weapons. Even gray weapons sell for a couple of thousand at least. But doesn’t mean you go around picking up grays all day long. Rare and Superior weapons will drop like candy at around half way through the main story.

The point is that you can farm weapons by going around and beating enemies and looting drops. But what happens if you don’t want to keep junk in your inventory?

Storage Locker - Money Making Options in Dead Island 2

Oddly enough, Dead Island 2 has system in place that allows you to pick up weapons you’ve left on the ground. Simply walk over to the nearest Storage Locker and go to the Unclaimed Property tab. There, you will find all the weapons you’ve failed to pick up along the way. We’re not sure about the vault’s capacity. But we are grateful for the feature.

Best Farming Method in Dead Island 2

The best way to farm in Dead Island 2 is to go berserk and kill anything that’s not among the living. Once you’ve had your fill, go to the nearest Storage Locker, store your good weapons and start adding the dropped weapons into your inventory. Then you are free to sell your wares to the nearest Vendor.

Best Farming Method in Dead Island 2

It is worth noting that you can get high quality gear by opening Zombie proof chests behind “fuse doors”. They’re usually not better than select favorites but they will sell for a good price. And yes, you can leave them on the ground and they’ll be waiting for you once you open the Unclaimed Property tab.

And that’s our guide on the best way to make money in Dead Island 2. It was such a game changer when we figured it out that it was worth sharing. We hope that this piece of information is very useful to you. Best of luck to you out there in Hell-A, Survivors.

Dead Island 2 is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.