How to play Redfall early?

Eager to get started on hunting vampires?

It’s shaping up to be an exciting game which is why everyone’s looking to play Redfall early. There’s no real point into getting first dibs, but we just can’t wait to get started on our vampire slaying adventure. Is it possible to play Redfall before anyone else?

Read on as we show you if you can play Redfall early and how to do so if possible.

Can you play Redfall early?

Unfortunately there is no way to play Redfall early before its release date. You’ll have to wait for its official release schedule on May 2, 2023.

The fastest way to play Redfall is to pre-load the game ahead of time. If you’ve pre-purchased Redfall, you can pre-load it right now by installing the game’s contents early. This will ensure that you won’t have much to download when the game comes out.

You can also pre-install Redfall if you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. This way you won’t need to pre-purchase the game before you’re able to play it.

Can you play Redfall early?

Regardless, you should ensure that you have stable internet connection before Redfall comes out. The game requires you to be always online even if you’re not planning on playing with friends. This means that net connection is necessary for both downloading the game and when you’re playing it.

Can you use the Redfall New Zealand Trick to play early?

You can’t use the New Zealand trick to play Redfall early. Only those who have received a review copy from Arkane Studios or Bethesda will be able to play the game ahead of time.

Some savvy players have figured out that earlier time zones like New Zealand can let them access a game early. However this isn’t the case for Redfall as Bethesda is distributing the game on different times so everyone gets to play at the same moment. Players who are a bit later on the time zone has been accounted for such as Redfall being available on May 1 at 5:00 PM PT Time.

You can refer to the image below for the official global release times for Redfall.

Redfall time zones release

We hope this explained if you can play Redfall early.