How to solve Painting Puzzle in Inscryption

Inscryption as a game is truly an enigma. This puzzle horror game holds plenty of secrets within its environment. One secret happens to be a painting puzzle you can find in the cabin you’re held up.

In our Inscryption How to Solve the Painting Puzzle guide, we’ll show you all the solutions to this particular puzzle as well as the rewards you’ll get upon its completion.

How to Solve the Painting Puzzle in Inscryption

If you wander around the Cabin in Act 1 you’ll eventually come across a picture frame with a painting of some cards. What cards show up depends on what you have collected.

The Painting Puzzle is actually fairly simple. However, it can require a bit of good luck to see through. But it is definitely easier than the Robot Sliding Puzzle in Act 3.

Take note of what cards you see on the painting. These will be the cards you’ll have to play during your match to solve the painting puzzle. You should remember that the cards on the frame will change every time you die. So you will have to match a different set of cards every time.

What you’re going to need to do is to match the space of the cards shown on the painting to your side of the board. When you’ve successfully done this, your screen will shake. Go back to the painting and the cards will instead be replaced with an item you can pick up.

Don’t worry about failing to match the cards on the painting. You can start the puzzle again on the next run so you won’t miss out on the chance to earn its rewards.

Inscryption Painting Puzzle Rewards

The Painting Puzzle has some pretty great rewards you can’t afford to miss out on. There will be three rewards in total upon completing all three puzzles in the painting.

These rewards are permanent as well so you’ll have them throughout your journey. Don’t miss out on them as they do make quite the difference when you’re playing.

Clover Inscryption How to Solve Painting Puzzle

Inscryption Painting Puzzle Clover Reward

After completing the first painting puzzle, you’ll be given a Clover as a reward. When you’re in the card selection phase, you can click on the clover which will reshuffle the cards and give you new ones.

The clover is great for matching the painting puzzle for future runs. You should take advantage of it.

Inscryption Painting Puzzle Third Candle Stick Reward

The Third Candle Stick gives you an extra life. This reward is pretty straightforward and allows you to last longer. During boss encounters, the third candlestick will also give you an extra Greater Smoke.

Inscryption Painting Puzzle Bee Totem Reward

The Bee Totem reward will let you swap out your squirrels for 1-1 bees. Bees are slightly better than squirrels as they’ll allow you to attack as well as being free to use.

Check out this Youtube video from MarksWong regarding the Painting Puzzle.

And now you know how to solve the painting puzzle Inscryption. Thanks for reading our Inscryption How to Solve the Painting Puzzle guide. For more on Inscryption, feel free to check out our other content.

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