How to Use Emotes in Helldivers 2

Express yourself on the battlefield and learn how to use emotes in Helldivers 2 using this guide

How to Use Emotes in Helldivers 2

Communication in Helldivers 2 is not just about survival—it’s about expressing yourself in the heat of battle. Emotes offer a fun and effective way to interact with your fellow Helldivers, whether you’re doing a handshake or just giving your friend a hug of democracy. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about using emotes in “Helldivers 2,” from how to change it to unlocking new emotes.

How to emote in Helldivers 2

Using emotes in “Helldivers 2” is straightforward. Regardless of your platform, you can initiate an emote with a simple button press:

  • For Controller: Hold left on the D-pad.
  • For PC: Press the B key on your keyboard.

These default controls can be customized to suit your preferences, ensuring that you can express yourself easily at any moment during your missions.

How to change emotes in Helldivers 2

How to Change Emotes in Helldivers 2

While using emotes is simple, you might want to personalize which emotes you bring into the field. To change your equipped emote:

  1. Visit the Armory: Head to your ship and find the Armory, located on the left side as you approach the War Table room.
  2. Access the Character Tab: Within the Armory menu, select the “Character” tab.
  3. Choose Your Emote: Look for the “Emote” option, placed under the “Voice Pack” section. Here, you can select and equip any of your unlocked emotes.

This system allows you to customize your non-verbal communication arsenal, tailoring your character’s expressions to fit your personality or the team’s needs.

How to unlock more emotes in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 starts you off with a basic set of emotes, but the fun doesn’t stop there. To expand your collection, you’ll need to unlock additional emotes. This can be done in two ways:

  • Earning Medals: Complete daily Personal Order Challenges to earn medals, the game’s currency for unlocking new content.
  • Helldivers Mobilize Warbond: Participate in missions to earn Medals, which can then be spent on the Helldivers Mobilize Warbond reward passes. These passes offer a variety of emotes at different medal costs.

The Acquisition Center on your ship serves as the marketplace for new emotes. Located across from the Armory, this is where you can spend your hard-earned medals to purchase new gestures of victory, camaraderie, and fun.

Helldivers 2 emotes list

Helldivers 2 boasts an ever-growing list of emotes, from casual salutes to more elaborate gestures like the explosive handshake or the cooperative hug. Highlights include:

  • Explosive Handshake
  • Hug
  • High-five
  • Scout Handshake
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Salute

Whether you’re saluting your team after a hard-fought victory or engaging in a playful game of rock paper scissors, emotes bring a human touch to the distant battlefields of Helldivers 2.

That explains how to use emotes in Helldivers 2. For more guides and walkthroughs, be sure to check out our main page for Helldivers 2.