Humankind Launches Today with Live Action Launch Trailer

Now available for purchase on various PC platforms.

Game developer Amplitude Studios has recently released an awesome live-action launch trailer for newly released video game Humankind.

The PC game is out now and to celebrate, a live-action launch trailer was unveiled together with its release. It showed an astronaut landing on the moon, but for some reason, another astronaut appears and fights with him. It kind of depicts how Humankind will play out like how two players compete with each other in order to become the first of a certain feat.

Humankind is available on standard and Deluxe Edition at the official website, on Steam, Epic Games Store, Google Stadia, or via Xbox Game Pass for PC.

The developers have also released an Early Adopters’ bonus offer for one week after launch and it will last until August 24, 2021. Get the Digital Deluxe Edition with all the pre-order contents like Boudicca, Lucy and Edgar Allan Poe avatars, and the Celtic player profile decorations and symbols set.

The developers have promised that they will fully support the game for years to come and will continue to listen to their community.

Humankind has now launch today on PC platforms with the live action launch trailer.

Source: Press Release