Hunt: Showdown Unleashes Desolation’s Wake Event with Exclusive Traits, Skins, and Weapons

Explore the immersive world of Hunt: Showdown as Desolation's Wake Event brings thrilling updates, exclusive rewards, and game-changing Pacts to players until May 8, 2024.

Today marks the launch of Hunt: Showdown‘s highly anticipated Desolation’s Wake Event, captivating gamers until May 8, 2024. The event promises an immersive gaming experience, introducing new features that will leave players on the edge of their seats.

The Desolation’s Wake Event introduces fresh weapons, exclusive rewards, and performance-boosting elements, all accessible through Pledge Marks. Unlocking a Sealed Cache filled with Pledge Sealed rewards, players can delve into the game’s depths to uncover three impactful Pacts and four new Hunters adorned with collectible Skins.

As the chaos of Desolation settles, players seize a momentary reprieve. The arrival of The Statesman brings a powerful arsenal to fortify Hardin and The Lawful Pact, while The Centipede joins The Primal Pact, advocating for nature above all else. To delve deeper into the Corruption, Bile and Brood join the fray, conducting ghoulish experiments that challenge even the bravest Hunters.

Exclusive Traits become accessible through pledging Hunters to The Death Pact led by Sofia, The Lawful Pact led by Sheriff Hardin, or The Primal Pact led by Felis. Pledge Marks unlock Pledge Seals, offering many rewards, although not mandatory for unlocking Pact Traits. Notable Traits include the Peacekeeper Trait, enabling teammate revival at the expense of Health Chunks, and the Berserker Trait, doubling melee attack damage. The update also brings various changes, tweaks, and boosts, including inspect animations for Consumables and Tools, increased splash damage to AI, and an array of new Weapons like the Mako 1895 Carbine and the Caldwell Marathon.

Scott Lussier, Design Director for Hunt: Showdown, expressed excitement about players exploring Desolation’s Wake. “With Permanent Burn Traits such as Rampage and Remedy triggering Restoration, we’re eager to see players change their tactics and engage in fierce battles with two new rifles.” Event Points can be earned through in-game Challenges, Spine Altar interactions, and more, enhancing the overall experience for players seeking a competitive edge.

Hunt: Showdown is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.