Where to Find Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector in Destiny 2

This guide will tell you where you can find the Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Hydroponics Delta solo Lost Sector Destiny 2 Featured Image

Lost Sectors are as old as Destiny 2, and it shouldn’t surprise anybody at this point that Neomuna has Lost Sectors of their own, one for each of the three major zones at the center of all activities. In this article, we’ll talk about where you can find the Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector in Zephyr Concourse. We’ll also tell you some interesting things that might interest you while going through it.

Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector Location

The Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector is located in the South part of Zephyr Concourse. It is located in the building block underneath the shopping mall. The Lost Sector marker can be found on the landing pad across the entrance.

The entrance to the lost sector is on the balcony with the door with the yellow light. As pictured above, you can jump on the overhangs or jump to the balcony itself to enter the Lost Sector.

According to background conversations after completing the Lost Sector, the Shadow Legion have taken over Hydroponics Delta for whatever reason. This has disrupted the farm’s production ability. We don’t know why the citizens of the city need to eat fresh greens while in cryo but that’s how it is, we guess.

The lab above is just part of the entrance to the Lost Sector. The actual entrance is located under the plant conveyor belt. You can be forgiven if you got lost after facing a series of locked doors barring progress.

If you’re entering the Hydroponics Delta for the first time, you may need to know this first, your light level matters here. If your level is close to the default of 1600, it’ll take you a long time to cause a dent in the enemy’s numbers. There are also a couple of Colosi in the two rooms leading to the boss room. And those cannons do not mess around, even when you’re over 1800 power level.

Here’s a list of enemies you can possibly find while in the Lost Sector. (We’ll have a more detailed walkthrough of it as we’re doing the Legend Lost Sector solo.)

  • Legionaries
  • Phalanx
  • Psions / Honored Psions
  • Honored Colossus
  • War Beasts
  • Honored Gladiators
  • Scorpius turrets
  • Honored Incendiors
  • Valus Dravusk, Shadow Legion (Lost Sector Boss)

There are a total of four encounters throughout the Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector. But we’ll leave that there for now. The most important things to know about tackling lost sectors are your gear, tactics, and power level. They all need to be rather high to complete the task in less than 15 minutes.

That’s all for now, Guardians. Have fun out there.

And check out this short video from Youtuber WoW Quests showing the location of the Hydroponics Delta Lost Sector.