Immortal Life To Enter Early Access Later This Month

Farm the land and restore your honor

Publisher 2P Games and YiFang Studios have announced that their long-awaited life simulator/RPG, Immortal Life, will be entering Steam Early Access later this month. Or more specifically on April 28th, 2022. The game will be priced at 16.99 USD/13.49 GBP/13.99 EUR!

During Early Access, most of the intended features will slowly roll out over a span of 12 to 18 months. However, the current version of the game will have a full storyline and a large number of side quests.

Immortal Life - In-game Screenshot

About Immortal Life

Immortal Life is a beautiful single-player management game where you take the role of a farmer aiming to deepen into the mysteries of soul cultivation. After witnessing the destruction of the cult you were about to join, you flee into the valley and join its small community and work hard to help your new brothers and sisters rebuild the sect.

Dive into a Chinese fantasy world where, as a member of a destroyed Taoist cult, you will be able to start a new life as a farmer in a gorgeous valley and contribute to the development of a young community.

You’ll mainly take care of the crops, but also gain money to run the organization by selling your products, constructing new buildings, and getting more members.

Immortal Life is set to enter Steam Early Access on April 28th, 2022.

Source: Press Release