Immortals Fenyx Rising Sequel Based on Mythology Possibly Revealed

Moving to a whole new direction!

Rumors are saying the Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel will be based on a new mythology that no one saw coming.

After the big success with the original game, it seems Ubisoft is already working on the sequel right away in order to ride that hype. New rumors have now appeared online and it might have just revealed the mythology that will be used in the upcoming Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel.

After the reports saying that a sequel was already in the works, fans quickly made speculations on the next mythology it was going to be based on. They were just guesses though as no hint from Ubisoft was heard previously and they just had to wait until they made the announcement. Now, rumors have now appeared saying that the next mythology will be based on Polynesian mythology, which is quite a departure from the original, which was Greek mythology.

Journalist Jeff Grubb was the one to share this rumor on his Game Mess Decides podcast. He then clarified that this new entry is not a proper sequel to the original but more of a spin-off to the first game. He then said that Immortals will be ditched and the production name is called Oxygen You’re a Hero. It is not known of that is the actual title, but it quite the interesting name. It will also feature a choice of a male or female protagonist.

There will be a god narrator, just like the original, and the visual style is going to be the same, according to Grubb.

Again, no official statements have been shared yet by Ubisoft, so take this with a grain of salt.

Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel/spin-off is supposedly in the works.