Immortals of Aveum Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

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Immortals of Aveum tells the story of Zach, a Magus in the middle of the Ever War between the Lucium and Rasharn. Zach is no mere mage, however. He can wield all three types of magic will. This kind of attitude earns him a spot with the Immortals, an elite strike force. The game follows his exploits in the war, including his attempts to investigate forms of corruption on his side.

In this Immortals of Aveum trophy guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting the Platinum trophy in the upcoming fantasy shooter.

There are 48 Trophies to collect in Immortals of Aveum:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 1 Gold trophy
  • 18 Silver trophies
  • 28 Bronze trophies

Immortals of Aveum Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Magnus of the Order Elite: Get all other trophies

Gold trophy

  • Grand Magnus: Completed the game on Immortal difficulty

Silver trophies

  • Recruit: Completed the game on Apprentice difficulty
  • Lights Army: Completed the game on Magnus difficulty
  • Scholar: Collected 50 Lore Texts
  • Armsman: Fully Upgraded 1 Legendary Sigil
  • Kitted Out: Fully Upgrade 1 Legendary Totem
  • Best Dressed: Fully Upgrade 1 Legendary Bracer
  • Armanents Azure: Obtained 3 Legendary Blue Sigils
  • Armanents Gules: Obtained 3 Legendary Red Sigils
  • Armanents Vert: Obtained 3 Legendary Green Sigils
  • Periapt Cerulean: Obtained 1 Legendary Blue Totem
  • Periapt Alizarin: Obtained 1 Legendary Red Totem
  • Periapt Viridian: Obtained 1 Legendary Green Totem
  • Master of Ultramarine: Unlocked all Talents in Blue Magic branch
  • Master of Carmine: Unlocked all Talents in Red Magic branch
  • Master of Malachite: Unlocked all Talents in Green Magic branch
  • Shroudfane Surveyor: Completed all Shroudfanes
  • Tip of the Spear: Defeated All of The Six
  • Treasure Hunter: Opened all Golden Chests in the main story

Bronze trophies

  • Unforeseen: Completed “Streetwise”
  • Battlefields Have Memories: Completed “The Magnus”
  • Maybe Engage a Little: Complete “Yltheum”
  • No More Names: Completed “the Immortals”
  • Initiate: Completed “The Hand of Sandrakk”
  • Thrada-Kul: Completed “Nocea”
  • Gravity-Challenged Rocks: Completed “Exile”
  • All the Major Food Groups: Completed “The Magic Eaters”
  • Beggars Would Ride: Completed “Caldera”
  • Control is an Illusion: Completed “The Blinding Mark”
  • The Means to Save It: Completed “Colossal”
  • Resilience to Sin: Completed “Ruin”
  • A Familiar Nest: Completed “Occupation”
  • Geas Aristeya: Completed “Glaivegate”
  • A Perfect Cycle: Completed “The Shrouded Realm”
  • Socialite: Spoke to everyone at the party
  • Family Business: Spoke to Silas Mede about every topic
  • Diplomat: Spoke to Ambassador Dmolie about every topic
  • Petite Bourgeoisie: Spoke to Magister Belming about every topic
  • Witch-Taker: Spoke to Hauser about every topic
  • Out of Time: Spoke to Orphe about every topic
  • Enlisted: Defeated 100 Enemies
  • Soldiers: Defeated 500 Enemies
  • Veteran: Defeated 1300 Enemies
  • Shroudfane Explorer: Completed 10 Shroudfanes
  • Fowl Play: Found the bird in the Palathon
  • Backtracker: Whileing for Thaddeus, returned from Kalthus to the Palathon
  • Good Boy: You pet the Veki

The first thing you need to know about the game is that its story campaign clocks in an average of 20 hours to complete. This is 4 hours longer for most first-person shooters’ campaigns. But that’s just the campaign, more hours are needed to unlock all the secrets scattered throughout the game. Immortals of Aveum is a semi-open world game wherein locations are unlocked the more powers Zach gains. It’s similar to how exploration is conducted in Metroidvanias.

There is only 1 Gold trophy in the game, Grand Magnus, and it is for beating it on the Immortal difficulty. From the gameplay trailers and teasers, it might be a good idea to play the game on the Magnus difficulty first to get a feel for the unique combat.

The player has access to 3 types of magic that they can wield: red, blue, and green. (We’ll leave the rest of the details for the game to explain.) In total, there are 25 unique spells to unlock, split mostly between offensive, defensive, and traversal magic.

There are 80 talents to unlock. That’s a lot of talents and trophies are included too. The Master of Ultramarine, Master of Carmine, and Master Malachite Silver trophies are awarded to players who unlock all the Talents in the Blue, Red, and Green Magic branches respectively.

You’re going to need all the unlocking talents you can find because the game has locations that can only be opened if you have the right spells on hand. And these can be acquired sometimes very late in the game. Exploring every location in the game is important as the Treasure Hunter Silver trophy asks you to open all 120 Golden Chests in the main campaign. These chests hopefully will contain Legendary loot that will help you in getting the Armanents and Perirapt Silver trophies for Sigils and Totems.

We’re assuming that to get the Scholar Silver trophy, you’ll need to find Lore Texts that are scattered in every location in the game. Even in the Hub worlds and places where the Order assembles.

Immortal of Aveum is a looter shooter of sorts. Zach will come across various Sigils, Totems, and Bracers of different rarities. To get the following set of trophies, you’ll need to get Legendaries of each of your equipment.

The Armsman Silver trophy asks you to fully upgrade 1 Legendary Sigil. Kitted Out asks you to fully upgrade 1 Legendary Totem. And Best Dressed asks you to fully upgrade 1 Legendary Bracer. Upgrading requires materials. You can talk to NPC in one of the game’s 3 Hub locations to sell all the useless loot you will find along the way.

According to the game, Shroudfanes are special challenges hidden all over Aveum. They consist of movement challenges, combat challenges, or a combination of both. You never really what you’re going to get until you start it. And for the Shroudfane Surveyor Silver trophy, you’ll need to complete all 26 Shroudfanes.

And that’s everything that we’ve got for this Immortals of Aveum trophy guide. This sort of feels like the collectibles hunt in both Doom and Doom Eternal but with a lot more to collect and without a radar hinting at their locations. Regardless though, we’re hoping the trophy run in the game doesn’t turn out to be a chore. Immortals of Aveum is a visually stunning game with some unique ideas in the mix. We don’t want the experience to be ruined by long searches into empty corridors.

Immortals of Aveum is set to release on August 22, 2023, on PC (via Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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