Indie World Broadcast Gets Revealed By Nintendo

Indie World Event 2020

Game company Nintendo has just revealed that a new showcase called Indie World Broadcast will be happening soon.

Indie World Broadcast focusing on Indie Games

Due to the current state of the world today with the coronavirus pandemic happening, many gaming companies have recently dropped their live showcases on upcoming events. Some events have also been cancelled due to the fears of spreading the coronavirus. Nintendo is already thinking on a whole new level with this new showcase livestream.

The livestream will start on March 17 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET. It will happen together with the popular western event St. Patrick’s Day. This will run for about 20 minutes and will highlight the upcoming indie games that will be available for the Nintendo Switch. These games might be released sometime this year or maybe later on due to the current state of affairs.

This is a good way for Nintendo to show its support for the Indie Game scene. Previous broadcasts have showcased popular indie games as well and helped the developers promote their work to the world.

Thanks DualShockers.

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