Injustice 2 Confirmed Release Date on May 16

Injustice 2 is set to be released on May 16, 2017. It was also teased by NetherRealm’s Creative Director, Ed Boon, on Twitter with a photo that shows i2.05.16.17. It’s absolutely obvious that the “i2” stands for Injustice 2 since there are no other titles that NetherRealm is working on currently besides Injustice. NetherRealms and Warner Bros. also confirmed with GameSpot the official launch date of their upcoming sequel for Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Injustice 2 introduces 5 new playable characters such as Deadshot, Supergirl, Blue Beetle, Atrocitus, and Gorilla Grodd. The plot follows the event after the death of the alternate version of Superman, and with the insurgence heavy task of uniting the people once again in their Earth, they have to go up against the remnants of the deceased Superman.

The game is set to be released on both PS4 and Xbox One on May 16, 2017.