Injustice 2: The New Metahumans On The Block

Injustice 2 is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited to finally see our favorite DC Metahumans duke it out, once again. A lot of the characters from the first game are back again, as they should, but this time they’re accompanied with quite a few new comers.

Injustice: Gods Among Us featured mostly DC staple characters, such as Batman and Superman, of course. With Injustice 2, however, we are delighted to see quite a few characters that only hardcore DC fans would recognize. So, before the game comes out, let’s get familiarized with the new roster additions and do a brief run-through of the new metahumans on the block.


Founder of the Red Lanterns — yes, there are more Lantern colors than just Green — Atrocitus is a seeker of revenge. By utilizing the power of rage and hatred, he shows no mercy to those who stand in his way.

Atrocitus may, very well be, the most metal character in the DC Universe. He has witnessed the murder of his family by a race of rogue police robots, survived getting his own heart ripped out, and forged his own lantern with rage and christening it with blood by killing a former friend. Cue Megadeth playlist.

Black Canary

This is one bird that can sing, and kick ass while doing it. Black Canary is a top-class martial artist, knowing to best the likes of Green Arrow, Nightwing, and the rest of the Bat Family. Not only is she fearsome hand-t0-hand combat specialist, but she has one ability to blow the opposition away — her Canary Cry.

Black Canary’s Canary Cry has had a few different origins over the course of her publication history, with it due to radiation from her mother hanging around with Justice Society of America members, or a metahuman gene similar to the mutant gene from Marvel’s X-Men. No matter the origin, though, all fear the canary’s cry.

Blue Beetle

Also known as Jaime Reyes, Blue Beetle was very literal in choosing his name. Jaime comes in contact with a Scarab of alien origin, which bonds to his spine, thus giving him a suit of extraterrestrial armor. Basically, he’s the Samus Aran of the DC Universe, only he fights crime on earth and is part of the Teen Titans. His abilities range from enhanced fighting capabilities to unleashing energy blasts from him hand. They could just re-skin a Metriod game with him in it instead.


A collector of worlds, Braniac is an extraterrestrial android, who is constantly seeking knowledge. He is one of Superman’s main adversaries and responsible for shrinking and collecting the capital city of Krypton, Kandor. It seems that he is going to be the reason for releasing Superman from imprisonment, as being alluded to in trailers. Can Brainiac’s terror reunite the Justice League to its former glory, or are those bonds permanently shattered.

Captain Cold

Leader of the Rogues — a team of enemies, who mainly oppose The Flash — Leonard Snart uses his Cold Guns to, yes you guessed it, freeze his enemies dead in their tracks. After the Regime — a dictatorship government formed by Superman in Injustice: Gods Among Us — killed his sister, Captain Cold is now hellbent on revenge and is looking to join a new group called the Society.


A constant rival and foe to Wonderwoman, Barbara Ann Minerva once betrayed the heroin out of jealousy and to gain the power of the Goddess of the Hunt. Since her heart was not of pure intention, her body took the form of a cheetah as punishment. Now, she is still out to take down Wonderwoman and bring her ultimate demise.


Lord and ruler of the planet Apokolips, Darkseid seeks out to rule and take over the universe, eradicating any form of free will. A formidable foe to Superman, even besting him at times along with the rest of the Justice League, his strength and power is not only a threat to Earth, but to the entire universe.


Also known as Floyd Lawton — or Will Smith, rather — He is mainly an adversary of Batman and is an assassin for hire. Nowadays, he is no longer a villain, but more of an anti-hero, who chooses the side with the better pay. Known to never miss, and an expert with most firearms, he is quite the foe and adds that much more tension to the fray of Injustice 2.

Doctor Fate

A powerful sorcerer that sees all, Doctor Fate is capable of powerful abilities such as telekinesis and manipulation of light. The helmet he wears — the Helm of Fate — shows him the fate of mankind, however he is not allowed to alter it. Although, that doesn’t mean he won’t for the greater good.


A battle of two personalities in one body, Firestorm is the combination of Jason Rusch and Marin Stein. Although, their personalities don’t mesh well, they both share a common goal of aiding Batman in whatever way possible. Firestrom is able to manipulate objects at a molecular level, while also conjuring heat at nuclear temperatures. Oh and he can travel at speeds, which causes him to be intangible.

Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd, along with his tribe of fellow apes, acquired super intelligence through an alien meteorite that crash landed in his African home. Although, his tribe lived peacefully, Grodd had other intentions, those of evil and greed. The Flash, luckily, was contacted by the gorilla’s fellow apes, thus stopping him.

Now, Grodd is set to form an anti Justice League: the Society. What evil will the Society bring about to mankind?

Poison Ivy

Once a dedicated Botonist, bleeding into obsession, Poison Ivy is capable of controlling and manipulating plants. Her powers also extend to releasing mind controlling toxins and pheromones, via either airborne particles or — most famously — a seductive kiss. Her mind control is so powerful that it has even been able to take over Superman.

In Injustice 2 she is set to join the Society in hopes to further her ultimate goal: flora dominating fauna.

Red Hood

Also known as Jason Todd, he formerly held the mantle of the second Robin. Sadly, to Batman’s grief, he was brutally murdered by the Joker and fans via a telephone poll. Later revived, thanks to Ra’s al Ghul’s Lazaurs Pit, he came back as the ruthless vigilante that does the one thing Batman can’t do: kill.


Biological son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul — daughter of Ra’s al Ghul — Damian Wayne was raised under the teaching of the League of Assassins. Later, taking up the mantle of Robin, he was always in constant clash with his father’s way of opting to not kill his enemies.

In Injustice 2, Robin has chosen to totally oppose Batman by siding with Superman, even choosing him as his mentor. How will things turn out for father and son?


A master of the fear toxin, he uses the chemicals to bring terror and chaos to his victims. His means of spreading the toxins varies from injections to gas bombs, with some occasions of poisoning Gotham’s water supply. Now, however, Gotham seems a bit too small of a landscape for the mad psychologist. By joining the Society, he sets his eyes on the rest of the world.


A founding member of the Teen Titans and hailing from the planet Tamaran, Starfire is the princess of her home planet, while also a heroin of earth. She is able to harness the power of solar energy to fly, while — due to experimentation done by her planet’s enemies, the Citadel — also being able to perform strong energy blasts.


Supergirl is the older cousin to Superman, and was sent to protect the young Kal-El. However, due to being caught on a Kryptonite meteorite, her arrival on Earth was decades later than that of Superman’s. She has the same abilities as Superman, including the staple heat vision and freeze breath.

In Injustice 2 it seems she is determined to rescue Superman. Although, it seems she doesn’t totally agree with his ruthless methods and will try to convince Superman to change his ways.

Swamp Thing


The guardian of the green, Swamp Thing is the living elemental, who has had many incarnations. The latest known is Alex Olsen, with three two others known before him. Swamp Thing is not Alex Olsen, but only having absorbed his memories upon his death. Swamp Thing is capable of controlling any type of vegetation, even alien, and can regrow any part of his body through them, thus no bodily attacks cannot hurt him.

Now, in Injustice 2, his world under threat from the clash of heroes that is to come. Swamp Thing is going to join the fray to protect flora life as we know it.

Those are all the new characters set to clash it out when Injustice 2 launches. However, there are still some characters yet to be revealed, perhaps they’ll be DLC or hopefully little surprise unlocks as we all progress through the story. So, who are you excited to play as? Will you be choosing any of the main characters as your mains, or are you going to stick with characters from the first game? Let us know!