INSOMNIA: The Ark Teaser Trailer Revealed On Steam

INSOMNIA: The Ark logo

Game developer Studio MONO recently revealed a new teaser trailer for their upcoming video game INSOMNIA: The Ark. They partnered with another game company to make the reveal possible.

INSOMNIA: The Ark teaser trailer now live

Studio MONO went on Twitter to reveal that the Steam page for their game is now live. Players can now check it out for more details about it. They also partnered with Herocraft, who published several games like Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolf.

The independent Russian developer released a teaser trailer to celebrate its Steam page launch.

Game will be set in retro-futuristic space station

The upcoming video game is set on Object 6, which is a retro-futuristic space station. Players awake in the middle of their journey and find out they have a rare psychological disease. They will find out the truth about humanity’s 400-year journey to find a new home to settle in.

Players can craft different equipment for later use, talk with other factions and NPCs, and survive in this old space station.

The game will be released later this year. It will launch on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Check out the teaser trailer below:


Source: Official Steam Page