Interview: Da Geek Squad – The Group Of Variety | ARCHCon 2017

If you’re into the whole superhero action figure thing, then there’s one group in ARCHCon that you’ll definitely love. And that group would be the DGS or Da Geek Squad if you want to call it as such. These people are the ones responsible for showing you all of those great models such as those related to both Marvel and DC. I was given the opportunity to interview Arlu Obus, one of DGS’s members. He allowed me to ask him about ARCHCon and he was more than willing to cooperate.

So can you tell me a bit about the group/company? What is the main product you’re exhibiting here in ARCHCon?

Arlu: We’re called DGS or Da Geek Squad. We mainly focus on displaying action figures from Marvel, DC and in our display; our members are free to showcase their anime figurines if they want to. While it’s mainly super heroes, we can just place in anime or any Japanese related figures.

What do you think about this year’s ARCHCon?

Arlu: I actually think that this year’s ARCHon is much better than last year’s ARCHon.  It looks really good and a lot has improved over the previous year .

Do you think that this is great exposure for you and the group/company? Will you be participating next year as well?

Arlu: Yes for sure! I’ll never miss a single ARCHCon event. It will be very good for our group so that people will enjoy our displays.

I thank Arlu for his time and it’s clear that him and his group are the type who welcome any who wish to show their love for anime, anime figures, or superheroes. So hopefully those of you who were able to catch their displays showed their appreciation as this group tried to show everyone that people can enjoy the hobby of collecting wonderfully crafted and amazingly detailed models and figurines.