inXile Entertainment Teases Next Game is First-Person RPG

Wasteland 3

A new post by game studio inXile Entertainment has teased fans of what kind of genre their new title would be.

inxile entertainment

The official Twitter account of Xbox recently shared a GIF about beating and game and what kind genre is everyone to try next. The GIF randomly displays different genres from sports to casual and many more.

Many fans and other companies joined in for the fun, but some accounts were carefully watched especially the developers since it might just give away what they are developing soon. inXile Entertainment joined in for the fun, but it seems it was also giving away a hint of what their next game will be next.

“Pulled NEW + FPS + RPG,” the developers posted. If that is not a clear hint of what they are planning on, then that is the weirdest clue ever.

The makers of the Wasteland series have always made great RPGs in the past and their latest title, Wasteland 3 has been quite a huge success. The developers did state previously that they are already in the process of making their next title, but did not share more details. This might just be it.