Ironcast prepares to engage in battle

The Lords and Ladies of Dreadbit Games and Ripstone Publishing announced today that their steampunk mech combat title.

Ironcast is set in an alternative Victorian history; where refined men and women in top hats and bonnets commanded gigantic mechanised war machines, laying waste to enemies of the British Empire!

As Commanders of the Consortium of Merit, players take control of their own 7 metre tall walking Ironcast. Gamers must face off against an invading force of enemy Ironcast in order to defend 1880’s Victorian England.

Battles are fought by generating resource nodes which in turn drive the Ironcast’s various weapons and systems. Players must choose how to spend these nodes wisely, either offensively in order to cripple and destroy their opponents, or defensively, if they suspect a barrage of incoming weapons fire is due.

In preparation for the games’ launch; Dreadbit Games have been gathering fresh Consortium recruits whilst exhibiting Ironcast at PAX East in Boston and SXSW in Austin.

Ironcast will be launching on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam and the Humble Store on Thursday 26th March. The game will be priced at P660