Irukandji God Roll Guide for PvP and PvE

Here are a few roll recommendations for the Irukandji Sniper Rifle

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The Irukandji Sniper Rifle is a new sniper rifle that was added when Destiny 2 Lightfall was released. It is a 140 Rapid Fire Frame sniper rifle that doesn’t particularly shine in any of the areas that matter for a sniper rifle. It does, however, come with the Veist Stinger Origin Trait. And though the trait has been nerfed a bit since the days of Funnel Web, it does serve a unique purpose in the sandbox, especially in activities that include allied Guardians.

How to get Irukandji Sniper Rifle

Currently, there are two ways to get the Legendary Sniper Rifle:

  • Completing activities on Neomuna. Terminal Overload public events drop a good number of weapons upon completion. Otherwise, legendary engrams from activities have a chance of getting the weapon.
  • Banshee-44 in the Tower sells a random one every once in a while.
Roll occasionally being sold by Banshee

Irukandji Base Stats

The Weapon comes with the following base stats:

  • Impact: 55
  • Range: 33
  • Stability: 35
  • Handling: 63
  • Reload Speed: 56
  • Aim Assistance: 70
  • Zoom: 40
  • Rounds Per Minute: 140
  • Magazine: 5

The base stats aren’t the best with this weapon. If you’re going to use this weapon in any high-level content, you’re going to have to leverage the gun’s Origin Trait for everything it’s got.

On the bright side, the weapon’s wide scope and low magnification can make it useful in activities that call for a combat sniper. Other than that, it’s going to be hard to justify bringing along a middle-of-the-road sniper rifle.

Irukandji God Roll

For a weapon with kind of stats, Smallbore is what you’ll be looking for most of the time. Next in line would be Chambered Compensator for that added stability or any other barrel perk that gives recoil control. Range shouldn’t be your priority, but if you insist, go for Extended Barrel.

In the second column, the magazine perk you should be looking for is Tactical Mag. The weapon caps out at seven bullets, mags like appended mag are pretty much useless to you. Flared Magwell is a good alternative for more reload speed. If your roll doesn’t have any of these, Accurized Rounds will get you through.

Irukandji PvE God Roll

The Irukandji is a decent PvE sniper with its rate of fire and manageable recoil. Unfortunately, it’s exclusively an ad-clear weapon with no Vorpal Weapon in its perk pool.

These combinations should be what you’re looking for:

  • Fourth Time’s the Charm + Firing Line
  • Rapid Hit + Focused Fury

These rolls still require you to land consecutive precision hits. If you’re getting body shots, might as well switch to a scout rifle.

Irukandji PvP God Roll

For PvP, the Irukandji only really has one good roll.

  • Under Pressure + Opening Shot

With only two bullets per respawn, Guardians will find it difficult to leverage the Veist Stinger Origin Trait to their advantage. This is why Under Pressure is such a good perk in PvP. Opening Shot is generally an S-tier perk in PvP.

The Keep Away trait is an outlier and will require more testing from the community on this weapon specifically. But for weapons like the new Strand line from Lightfall, Keep Away is a must-have perk.

And that’s everything you need to know about the god rolls for the Irukandji sniper rifle. The next time you pick one up, do consider looking at the perks before deciding to scrap it. Good luck out there, Guardians.

Check out this video from Youtuber ninjy where he talks about a particular roll being sold by Banshee-44 in the Tower.

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